CineTv Contest #20: The Lion King


This is a movie i so much love and keep watching on and on.
My favourite movie animal character is Nala
Nala is a lioness, a fictional character in The Lion King Film by Disney. The movie which was introduced in 1994 featured a battle for Kingship between Mufasa, Scar his brother and later with Simba, Mufasa's son. This tussle which was concealed at the early phase saw the death of Mufasa and the tricky banishment of his son, Simba who was then a cub.
Nala is introduced as the daughter of an unnamed lion and Sarafina, the best friend of Simba and ultimately becomes his wife as well as the daughter in-law of Mufasa and Sarabi and niece in-law of Scar at the end of the movie. Nala subsequently becomes Simba's Queen and the mother of his cub, Kiara.




For many years after Scar, Simba's Uncle killed his father Mufasa and trickily banished Simba from Pride land and took over the throne. Nala out of desperation wandered into the jungle to find possible help. She unexpectedly came across a grown up Simba whom Scar had told them was dead. After their reunion, she encouraged him to return back to the Pride land and reclaim the throne which was rightfully his. After initially refusing to return, Simba later made up his mind and returned to Pride Rock and ousted his Uncle from the throne.




Nala is the most significant female character in the Lion King.
Nala was seen as the equivalent of Ophelia, whom Hamlet had love interest in according to William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet. Although the two characters have some degree of differences, one of it being that in contrast to Ophelia who was kind of meek and feable, Nala was a strong warrior Princess.
Kelly described Nala as sensible and nurturing yet also an authoritative character. She was described by Amber Leab as strong, independent and intelligent. Being the lead female character, Queen Nala added to the movie's "Little Romance". Nala served as the agent of change in the movie. Simba was seen as the symbol of a rich, lazy boyfriend and Nala was the strong, authoritative and intelligent girlfriend who forced him though gently, to make a positive change.




Nala was a naturally sound leader than Simba and was also more skilled in fighting as was seen at there tender age as cubs and at the scene of their first unexpected encounter after years of separation, this ability to overwhelm Simba in a fight is a re-enactment of the physical power of lionesses in real life, they are strong and very skilled hunters. Nala can be seen as Simba's equal as Simba portrayed an immature character who needed other characters to spur him into taking rightful action.



My love for Nala developed due to her strong willed attitude. Her craftiness and unmatched intelligence. She had her way of boosting up Simba to take the right and necessary actions. This character portrayed by Nala is what one needs to swim through life's tide of numerous hurdles and challenges. The never give up quality she possessed is needed to achieve our goals in life. As was seen in the movie, from her being able to defeat Simba and also Shenzi in a fight, it shows how good and constant practice are needed to be perfect, like the saying goes "Practice Makes Perfect".
Her strong will attitude and her convincing arguments kick-started Simba's return journey and subsequent enthronement as the King over Pride Rock and in extension, over the Pride land.
Nala possessed the necessary quality of being both a warrior, a wife, a Queen and also a mother. She was an empire builder and i will always try to continue tapping from her numerous pool of positive qualities and mindset.


All pictures are screenshots from the movie

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