CINETV CONTEST: Like Stars On Earth (Taare Zaamen Par). ✨

Do you sit sometimes and wonder what goes on inside the brain of a child? How does a child see life? If you do then I'm sure you'll love this movie…



Ishaan is an eight year old with dyslexia, he can't seem to get anything right and doesn't behave like a normal child of his age, he's always getting himself in some sort of trouble and making his parents and teachers complain, they see his symptoms but can’t identify the problem, instead they see him as a stubborn and problematic child. After much complaints and troubles, his parents decided to “ship” him off to a boarding school where he can be properly disciplined but things are just the same in his new school, maybe a bit worse because of the separation from his family.
One day a new and unconventional art teacher comes into the classroom in an unusual way and becomes the bridge for Ishaan to find his hidden creativity that he richly has.


  • My thoughts
    It's quite easy for a movie to bring tears to my eyes but this one was different, the tears it brought was a bitter-sweet one that carried an overflow of different emotions. “Like stars on Earth” has a really beautiful storyline and amazing actors, like they were born specifically for the roles they individually played, the teacher, parents, brother and especially Ishaan (played by Darsheel Safary) didn't hold back any bit of their acting skill (i can boldly say, they “killed” their roles).
    When i sit and remember the movie sometimes, the part where “Ishaan” was writing a math exam pops up first, he sat there for the amount of time he did and imagined astronauts and “whatnots”, at first i thought doing that would help him get the answer right but i was wrong and could barely contain my laugh afterwards.


The interesting part for me has to be where the teacher “Ram Shankar Nikumbh” (played by Aamir Khan) took his time and energy to teach and guide Ishaan (both conventionally and in unusual ways) to his understanding, something no teacher has done before. I loved the emotions and lessons this movie brings, lets not even talk about the soundtrack in this movie (my God , it’s amazing) since i watched this movie till date, it has been my go-to whenever i encounter a child that learns or behaves a bit different from the rest, when i was teaching in a basic school, i had a student that didn't learn the same way with her peers, while complaining to my elder brother one day, he sent me this movie, told me to watch it, go back calm down and teach the child. I thought he was joking till I finished watching it. With tears in my eyes, I mapped out new ways to teach that child and within a few weeks, she was doing so well that her mum gave me a gift.

“LIKE STARS ON EARTH” is an indian movie.

Genre = Family, comedy, Drama.
Written by Amole Gupta
Directed by Aamir Khan and Amole Gupta.

Every child is special ✨🌞

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