CINE TV CONTEST #37: The devil wears Prada.

The devil wears Prada is a 2006 comedy/drama movie, this movie shows the life of Andrea Sachs and her insatiable boss. The stressful work-life balance and risky measures she takes to fit into this position that "a million young women would kill for".



Andrea, a smart and beautiful (newly graduated) aspiring journalist lands a magazine job in New York City as a co-assistant to Miranda Priestly the (icy) editor-in-chief of runway magazine and the "most powerful woman in the fashion world". Andrea has no fashion sense and didn't know or heard anything about Miranda till she got the job but soon gets a wardrobe change and starts looking the part. The pressure to make her icy boss happy makes her work late into the night and is always ready to move whenever her boss needs her, no matter the time of day, this drives her boyfriend and friends away as she barely has time for them.


My thoughts

At the start of this movie, I felt pity for Andrea but moving on, I realized if I was in that position, I'd have done the same or worse. Trying to fit into a whole different world from the one you've known all your life? That's hard but in order to achieve success, there are things that needs to be sacrificed and on the top of that list is #time. If I ever get a one time offer like that in the world of fashion, I'll grab it with both hands (and legs) because I love fashion but like Andrea, I have little to no fashion sense and for a magazine like Runway, I'd even be willing to change professions because that'll be like "working in a dream". Working and learning about the fashion world next to the most powerful woman in the industry? Simply Amazing!


What I loved about "the devil wears Prada"

The whole movie 🥺, I love every single thing about this movie from the actors to the script, the setting, lights, I mean everything.

Performance of the actors/actresses that left an impression.

The actors especially Andrea (Anne Hathaway), Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), Nigel (Stanley Tucci) and Emily Charlton (Emily Blunt). These are the top characters for me and they did their money's worth and probably more.



This movie shows the everyday life of most people, struggling to keep up with their work-life balance. The society wants you to work and be successful but the same society wants to hold you down by complaining when you start putting in extra hours so you can succeed.



After seeing this movie, I felt motivated to put in more time and energy in work because the world won't value you if you don't give out value because I want to be more of Miranda than Andrea.

Scene that still pops into my mind.

The part where Miranda handled the people that were planning her betrayal so smoothly, turning enemy to Allies so quickly, my goodness that was amazing, at a point I was worried she would be overthrown if she didn't listen to Andrea but she had plans already, I wasn't happy that the plans involved Nigel not getting his deserved win.


This is my entry to the #cinetv community contest, favorite movie about work

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