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This movies is acted from some area boys called " Aboy,Chiboy, Sibi,Tallest and Amora" this movie is a about rival between Chiboy and Aboy in the area, the fight started from the river where Sibi is catching fish with his net while Chiboy claiming they are the area boys of that river, the fight but they all went away but Sibi hold it in mind while Chiboy and Aboy forget about the issue.

One day Sibi went to Chiboy house and saw his mother cutting cassava in the backyard of the house. He sat with the mother and told her that her Son had caused death for her and she was begging, telling please talk to him and he quickly shot her and she died. Chiboy came and she his mother dead and he ask and some people said they saw Sibi Going to Chiboy house and he ran quickly to meet Sibi and he escaped to one village while Amora pregnated Chiboy junior sister and she was confused contemplating who will I attack first and he told Aboy and Odugu that he will travel to " Idoma village to kill Sibi mother " they told him no but he refused and he left the next day, by getting to Idoma, they directed him to where sibi mother is staying and he saw her and shoot her and he ran away and the Warriors of Idoma village are following Chiboy and they shoot him and he felt down and their Aboy arrived and they started shooting till the drive away Idoma Warriors and they ran back home.

**the image is screenshot from YouTube **

Sibi have a dream about his mother and he quickly come back to the village and held that his mother was kill by Chiboy and he ran back to the Chiboy village and he attack them and they ran away to a herbalist man called " otuaka" he cook them very well for some month so that they can attack sibi because he his an even and Tallest ran to their Chiboy and he his feeding them with information about Sibi and Sibi realise that Tallest his betraying them and he kill Tallest mother in his Tallest presence and Tallest and Sibi become a strong enemies and after their Aboy and Chiboy her being trained they came out and Otuaka told them to finish Sibi to bring everything beef to an end and they went and shoot Sibi and his boy and the herbalist man that is protecting their Sibi and his boys and after killing Sibi Chiboy also kill Amora for damaging the carrier of his little sister and that's how they bring to the end of the rival between them because Sibi is not alive to back issue.

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