the image is screenshot from the movie

This is a "NAVY" which was acted to train their navy officer with the help of captain mave rick which was the eye of the movie, they acted the movie in a winter area and also in a river where the naval base is located and most of the naval officers were anxious to sacrifice their life for their country.

This is the detail of the movie, mave rich was given an assessment to reach the degree of hundred in driving jet but the jet missed control and he landed him in his formal base which he saw is soldier and he was dismiss by the higher officer and he was call back to the base and they give him an assignment to train the naval officer to become competent in their work on how to strike enemies during war.

the image is screenshot from the movie

The started to attack their enemies and they were succeeding but some of their men jet were burn but they escape and even the captain mave rich jet was affected and he landed in a winter area and his wake up from the place and his enemies were trying to attack him but his colleague destroyed the plan of their opponent and his jet to was affected and he move out from the jet and mave rich ran and meet him telling him while did he do like these and his colleague say I save your life and the move to their enemies house stole their jet which they ran away with it and they used it to attack their enemies and they succeed and they went back to their and they were welcome to the based with congratulations for the high officer.

This image is screenshot from the movie

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