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I think I have a problem with modern TV shows. They are increasingly becoming very similar to each other, transcending even genres. All boast cliché storytelling and characters, conventional in their ideas and crowd pleasing morality, when they should be prioritizing what the show is about. I don't want to see political correctness in every show I take a peek at, but that's what I'm subjugated to. That doesn't mean I'm against such concepts. I simply don't like it when they aren't warranted but included anyway for the sake of inclusion. Sure, I like them very much when they are incorporated naturally as a part of the story.

Take this particular show for an instance — where an alien is stranded on Earth, trying to blend in as a human. He's faced with a lot of challenges. How humans talk, express, eat, kiss, love, socialize. With such precursory conditions, commentaries about human relationships are bound to follow throughout the show and they do not feel imposed.

"Resident Alien" is a work of comedy though, or how the poster says, "alien dramedy", (implying alien doctor comedy!). The alien came to earth with a device to destroy humanity, but when his vehicle crashed, he took the identity and shape of a human he accidentally killed and started searching for the device he lost during the crash. A few months went by, with no luck finding the device, the alien slowly learned the ways of humans by watching TV characters and imitating them.

The guy whose place he took, was a retired doctor by profession. When the town doctor mysteriously dies, the mayor asks the camouflaged alien to step in as a substitute doctor. This is where the story begins!


Why the alien wants kill the humans though? It's simple. We're vermin. The vilest parasites on earth. She is better off without us (even I'm sure of that). So the supposedly superior alien race thought it's better to just wipe out the humans. Clean slate.
How the story advances through the episodes — is something best experienced on screen. So sit tight and enjoy.

I've been watching a couple of episodes every day over the weekend and this show is pretty hilarious! It has a mushy, feel good vibe to it, you know? Like when you're waiting for stuff to happen, anticipating, yet no sense of dread is there.

Of course, an alien coming to earth to destroy humanity is an overused cliché and in this show, it is actually aware of that and makes a mockery of it. If you take out the alien part, it becomes about an eccentric man who tries to find his footing in a world with set norms and ideas. In his attempt to blend in, the alien constantly experiences all kinds of conflicting emotions and weird social rituals that make us humans. The colorful characters represent humanity. A sheriff who's insecure about his position. A mother who gave up her baby as a teenage girl but regrets the decision every single day. A skier who lost her former glory. Overly protective parents with marital issues. People who sacrificed their lives to save others. In other words, us.


Alan Tudyk steals the show as the alien. His marvelous performance as the awkward extraterrestrial, the deadpan expressions are spot on! And these are the prime source of comedy. The child actors were fine too. I've taken a fancy to Sara Tomko!

Although the show loses some of its charm when it tries to continue building upon alien trope and take the story to a coherent climax. I suppose it can't be helped. Other than that, solid one!

Here's the trailer if you want to check it out —

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