My Entry for the CineTV Special Contest: CineTV Rising Star Card Contest!!!



Hello everyone! For my entry to this contest I have chosen a song from a very underrated movie in my opinion, from the music to the insane cast it has makes up an epic movie! This song represents each an every moment of what we are seeing on the screen in a spectacular way! It's just an out of this world composition from Nick Glennie-Smith, let me tell you why have I chosen this one song from it...






This song, from start to finish, makes you feel a huge amount of emotions. Starting with a suspenseful intro mixed with a mesmerizing melodie which is the main melodie of the movie, inspiring loyalty and courage, a little of love, lots of danger and I feel even a taste of envy in it, perhaps it's because it is one of the things that the movie represents. After a bit continuing the intro, it slowly starts turning into a dark creepy melody which is the one that mostly represents the mask and all its terrors, its deepest misteries...

After the intro finishes building up and prepares you with an amazing upswing of the strings, the climax comes, my favourite part of the song. This climax is also the main melody of the movie but it includes a ton more of power, gumption, strenght, courage, and above all LOYALTY, which is a very important quality in this movie. Behind this main melody with all its power you can also hear a little of the creepy choir which was on the intro mixed with it and in my opinion it is not there by chance, as I mentioned before this is mostly about loyalty, loyalty that Portos, Aramis and Athos give to Phillipe with all their heart, and the same D'Artagnan gives to them, specially after realizing that Phillipe is his son.

When that part reaches its highest peak it turns into a more dramatical action themed song which is perfectly placed inside the movie, can't say much more about it since it does what it has to do, amazing melodies complementing the action and fighting we are seeing in the movie. BUT, in the middle of that action music we hear once again the main melody in one part, which is sooooo well placed that gives me the chills, we see soldiers from King Louis fighting against their own captain and the three musketeers which they grew up admiring and listening to their stories, so it is a mix of feelings because D'Argtagnan does not want to kill them and don't want the others to kill them either as well, when we hear that melody appearing in the middle of the action theme, it is because the captain of the soldiers of King Louis tells him that they are losing despite having great advantage because no one dares to fight the captain, referring to D'Artagnan.

To finish up, the main melody comes back once more because D'Artagnan saves one of the "enemies" from being killed because he cared too much about him, once again LOYALTY takes places and we hear that melody, to then finish out the song with few hits of the strings marking the end of the battle...


This movie along with its music is one of my favourites of all time and as I mentioned before it seems kind of underrated, but it's a must see in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed my presentation of why do I love this one so much

Special thanks to @cinetv for hosting this amazing contest to celebrate their partnertship with @risingstargame which brought us this amazing new card! Also to the @stickupboys for donating the #STARBITS for the prizes, they will also be special guest judges for the contest!


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