Prop232: In search of the truth

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It was cold, Andrew, up at 3:30 am, very early, but he was nervous. At last, after years of searching, he would know the truth of his past, who his parents were. They abandoned him when he was only 4 years old, since then he had gone in and out of foster homes, always being a lonely misfit to the rules they tried to impose on him, they didn't understand him and he didn't understand them, but that's in the past. Today, at 30 years old, the age his parents would have been when they abandoned him, he would finally know everything.

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Andrew was an athletic man, forged by the streets, six feet tall, white skin, deep black eyes, he was a tough guy, but with a higher than normal intelligence, which earned him a scholarship to MIT, with only 15 years old, which was his salvation to not go to reform school after a fight with a teacher at school. College came easy for him and he finally felt like he belonged. College was his salvation and opened up a world of possibilities he never imagined, graduating in record time as an Aerospace Engineer and then a Physicist.

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His careers allowed him to enter the Institute for Scientific Research, in Europe, to do his doctorate, the same place where his parents worked, his father was an Aaron McKee and his mother Anne Perry, both scientists, they were specializing in quantum physics, in the Prop232 project, when they disappeared. Andrew knew, he found out a few years ago when he began to investigate his past. Now he had a chance to find out what happened to them, the doors were open to him after years of nobody giving him information, because it was a top secret project for several governments, he was told that it was classified information.

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Andrew changed his last name so as not to arouse suspicion and to avoid being hired at the institute, being an orphan, he was able to do so before graduating from MIT, he knew that within the scientific community he was called by his last name, so now he was Andrew McPerry, the young promise in the field of wormhole theories. Absorbed in his thoughts, Andrew looked at the clock, 7 am it was time to take the train that would take him from his residence to the Institute located at the foot of a mountain outside Bern.

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On the platform Andrew waits for the train, around him he observes the other passengers who, like him, are waiting for the train and who are probably employees of the institute. A few meters away he sees a girl who catches his attention, about 25 years old, five feet seven inches tall, slim and beautiful, he could not stop looking at her for a long time until the arrival of the train made him react. As Andrew boarded the train, he tried to look for her among the passengers, but he didn't see her again the whole way to the institute. After 30 minutes of travel, the train arrived at its destination and Andrew went to the department of quantum physics, where Dr. Josef Rosen and his assistant Marie Planck were waiting for him.

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To Andrew's surprise, the girl on the train is Marie, who after a moment holds his hand and introduces herself, after doing so with Dr. Rosen. Marie would take care during the day to show him around the institute, the lab where he would be working, his coworkers and his homework. The chemistry between the two was instantaneous, but Andrew, was not there to get a partner, but to find the answers to his past that all his life had denied him, to discover what was the Prop232 project and what had to do with the disappearance of his parents, an enigma that he was willing to discover above all and love had no place in his life at that time.


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