Script writing contest for the movie "Prop 232" - Round 1: Astonishing events.

The planet is affected by centuries of mistreatment by the human race, which has been able to destroy it by generating pandemics, fomenting intolerance, wars, destroying nature, killing for religious reasons and political ideologies that make no sense.

Each nation in its own way has achieved technological advances that have been handed over for use and administration to the Global Interdependent Organization (GIO).


In a very complex metropolis, full of street screams, neon lights, high society urbanizations and humble neighborhoods, the economy and technology begin to flourish in a surprising way, the owners of the companies manage to increase their profit margins, there is a construction boom, medicine advances, financial terms begin to be understood by the population, it seems that the inhabitants of this city finally live in a happy world.

People are in a comfort zone, however, a germ of nonconformity begins to be generated in the city, some can not believe that we are living so suddenly an economic and scientific boom so suddenly.


Although Rafael Mago studied in a Catholic school, he has witnessed several actions that go against religion. He wonders if the teachings instilled in him since he was a child are real, evident, why science has not proven their veracity and even why one should only follow a religion as if it were the absolute truth.

With these existential doubts he dedicated himself to the area of robotics, the study of artificial intelligences and genetic engineering. He is obsessed with the Turing test and assures that for better or worse there are already machines that show intelligent behavior similar to human beings.

His research is incisive, he takes risks much criticized by other colleagues in the scientific field, experimenting with very strange applications coming from the minds of technological hackers and with people who help him to see beyond the obvious. He is like a diligent but apparently disorderly policeman, he manages to gain the trust of others, even people he thinks are suspected of having committed a reprehensible act.

Despite all this, he is afraid to find that there is often more vitality in the artificial than in a flesh-and-blood human, so he is tormented by the existence, or lack thereof, of a soul.


Alma Rodriguez is somewhat reserved, she trusts her instincts and every difficulty is a challenge, although the risks she takes are only reasonable, she is very direct and always happy with herself. She learns things very easily and has an incredible mathematical ability, she is an ace of finance within the company she works for.

She has memories, but many times she does not feel them as hers, she believes she is manipulated in some way, and fights against that, she does not allow herself to be impulsive.

She believes she is sick because she has not cried in years and although she sometimes has feelings for others it is impossible for her to cry at the graves of her parents that she visits religiously every week.

She enjoys a strange hobby of visiting religious temples related to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam.


Psyche is an autonomous and independent life force of nature, she has had to do many jobs in order to survive.

She possesses a natural beauty, which is often overshadowed by her somewhat extravagant way of dressing. She has had many suitors, but they do not feel comfortable with her because of her somewhat uninhibited way of seeing life. She has a gift that allows her to develop intuition, clairvoyance and even healing.

She knows Rafael since she has been part of some unorthodox experiments promoted by this researcher and for which she has received a good pay that has allowed her and her family to get ahead in critical times.


The IEM 9001 institute always seems to be in operation, you never see a light off, and when you pass by it you can feel the bustle, it is very exclusive and only for women in which the ladies are prepared to face the future in social and political fields, the degrees of study range from the most basic work to that which requires the greatest possible intellectual capacity.

It is an educational institute where to enter, participants are only required to change their name and to be discreet upon graduation. Although they can use their new name freely, they must not reveal who or what imposed it on them as they signed a confidentiality agreement, where these former students of the Institute rarely read the fine print.

This institution is supported by all the governments of the world within the framework of Prop 232 discussed in the new Global Interdependent Organization which for the first time in universal history manages to bring all nations into agreement.


Part of Prop 232 says: "We must fight to bring order to the world, nothing and no one should stop us to achieve this goal. It is imperative that humans understand that we must progress professionally, we must fix the economy and get to work. In the search for perfection is evolution, we must respond automatically to the environment and for that we have technologies that have even allowed us to colonize part of the planet Mars."

None of these three characters imagine that destiny will make them interact through their actions discovering the wildest truths hidden in a web that emerges through deception, politics, technology, religion, philosophy and action.

This is my entry in the initiative "Prop 232" Movie Script Contest - Round 1 - Character Development Link Here.

I confess that it was very difficult for me to express my idea in this publication, but as I began to write, my imagination began to fly. Greetings to all readers, and I hope you liked the presentation of these characters.

The last image was modified by me, being this the original source Link Source, I added the words Join Us and Prop-232.

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