My favorite Japanese series when I was a child.

Good afternoon, I was reading the entertaining post Cine Kids - A trip down memory lane in children's TV which was about some programs that we remember from our childhood Link Here, and I took the boldness to make a post where I recall some Japanese programs that were very watched by children and young people between the mid 70s and almost the end of the 80s.

In my case, I had to finish my elementary school homework very quickly to be able to watch and enjoy the cartoons and series at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
I loved these Japanese series but many times their broadcasting schedule was changed and I would stay up until six in the afternoon watching television so as not to miss these series of fantasy, action and adventure.

Radio Caracas Television, Venevision and VTV, competed with each other to capture the attention of children and some young people, which is why the viewer made many channel changes, and in those years we did not have remote control televisions. How many times did I break the knob of the TV and my mother had to pay for the repair. The curious thing about this selection is that they are all series from the 60's and by coincidence of life they were broadcasted by Radio Caracas Television.

These are the series chosen by me:

Golden Bat.

Golden Bat looks like a villain since he has a calaberic image and has a cape like Dracula and also laughs like he is crazy.

This hero is originally presented in Japanese comics and as a curious fact I have to say that since its origin dates back to 1930, is considered the first superhero in the history of comics.

Some scientists discover in Egypt the remains of the prince of Atlantis, I do not know why they pour water on his remains in the tomb, but this makes the skeletal body resurrect and this decides to help the earthlings in their fight against evil.

The archenemy of Golden Bat was Doctor Zero, who always shouted: Zeroooooooooooooooooo! He had a commando of soldiers dressed in black and an assistant who executed his evil plans. In each chapter Dr Zero sent a monster to destroy the world and Golden Bat.

Mary was a little girl who would call Golden Bat when he was in danger, she belonged to a group of scientific researchers who were involved in the resurrection of Golden Bat.

After Mary called for help, a golden bat would appear and then merge into a tattoo on the shoulder of the Golden Bat. The Golden Bat flew, had great strength and walked with a powerful staff with a ball on the end.



The character in action:


Princess Comet.

Princess Comet comes from the star Beta, and is sent to planet Earth because she is very undisciplined. On earth she must learn to help others and earn points so that one day she can be sent back to her home star. On her star she is a child on her home planet, when she arrives on Earth she looks much older. She stays with the Ishihara family, where she always gets into trouble along with the children Takeshi and Koji since she is still a playful girl at heart.

Here, cartoons were combined with real actors, stop motion and bizarre special effects.



An example of a chapter that is actually somewhat frightening but is resolved with humor:


Space Giants.

Space Giants shows the continuous fights between Goldar and family against Rodak and his monsters. Rodak, contacts reporter Tom Mura to let the world know that he will rule the planet. Tom's son, Miko, befriends the robot Goldar, who lives in a volcano with his robot-wife Silvar, both were created by the wise Matusen, which makes them a robot copy of Miko whose name will be Gam.

This was a family of robots that transformed into rockets with cockpits included: Goldar was the leader and launched missiles from his chest. Miko is given a whistle to communicate with this robot family (one whistle for Gam, two for Silvar and three for Goldar).

This is the only metal alien robot I know of to date, Rodak was always going around saying at least in his Latin American translation Uyuyuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!.



Goldar fighting a monster:


This series is created in 1966 and was direct competition of a Japanese icon: Ultraman.


Ultraman was the first of several Ultras warriors. He is a giant alien with humanoid characteristics. His exterior is red and silver and he looks like he is wearing a rubber suit, he has a metallic and silver head, and his eyes are yellow and glow when all his powers are at their maximum, but they fade or blink if he is low on energy. In the center of its chest, there is a spherical crystal that indicates its energy state.

This being possesses a great power that makes them lethal when fighting, expels ultra rays when they cross their outstretched hands in the form of a cross. Maintains order and peace in the universe, and faces various dangers that threatened helpless planets, such as the case of planet Earth.

Ultraman is present when Shin Hayata, a brave member of a scientific patrol, dies in an accident in his ship. Ultraman decides to resurrect Hayata, subsequently urging him to protect humanity and informing him that from that moment on, he and Hayata would be one. Hayata, whenever he needed to transform into Ultraman, was only to ingest a capsule called the beta capsule.



One of the threats our hero fought against:


Thank you CineTv for making my neurons work and reminding me of those fun moments when we felt like monster hunters, admirers of space and supernatural beings.

Until a next opportunity, it is a pleasure to share with this community that is so active and a lover of the seventh art and television. A big hello to all!

The gif was created by me, these being the sources Source, Source, Source, Source

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