Cine TV Contest #40 - Favorite Tom Hanks Movie: Cast Away.

In the year 2000 my girlfriend and I kept a makeshift video club with VHS tapes and one of the main reasons for this was to raise money to be able to get married, among the most rented movies was Cast Away with Tom Hanks.


In this film Tom Hanks plays Chuck Nolan a FedEx executive who hates wasting time and is of the opinion that shipments must arrive on time, he is very meticulous in his work. Miraculously, he survives a disaster and is stranded on a deserted island.

This businessman, motivated to survive, thinking that he would soon be rescued, creates signs to facilitate his search, collects parcels knowing that at some point it would serve him and made a small shelter.

On the island he spends four years of his life, having as his companion a volleyball that he painted a face called Wilson.

Tom Hanks, makes this role his own at the beginning on the deserted island he does not know what to do and the decisions he makes are not the right ones, we are shown a pathetic and clumsy human being facing the inclemencies of nature, his struggle to get fire, food, and a terrible toothache.


With time Chuck Hogan manages to show himself more serene, wiser and quieter, there is almost no dialogue but monologues with Wilson.

This film reflects how the human being does not lose hope to live in the face of a horrible loneliness, and Wilson specifically helps him not to fall into madness, by dialoguing with him and expressing his feelings.

The scene that impressed me the most in the film occurs when the protagonist goes to sea with a boat built by himself, embarking with his inseparable Wilson, and before a raging sea he must decide between saving his life or Wilson's.


After being recanted Chuck is reunited with his fiancée Kelly (Helen Hunt) but she is married and has a child. They both agree that they still love each other but can't be together. It's a loss they both must come to terms with sadly and maturely, just life goes on.


There is a FedEx package that has some wings Chuck never opened it on the island and is determined to deliver it to its owner personally, not finding it he leaves a note saying that the package helped save his life and leaves. Finding himself alone on the road looking at a map, a young woman stops his vehicle and asks him if he needs help, they chat, and she heads home. He sees the wings on the back of her jeep, smiles and returns to the house where he left the package.


Perhaps, Chuck's happiness and destiny will meet this person, in that house.

I think this shows Chuck's professionalism first and foremost and that he purposely did not deliver this package because he promised himself that he would get off the island and deliver it to its intended recipient, being one of the reasons that allowed him to survive.

I don't see another actor in this role, Tom Hanks is in every frame of the film, he transmits all kinds of emotions, and he is accompanied by a supporting actor that although he is an inanimate object many people commented at the time that he should have won the Oscar award that year. Yes, I am talking about the great and unique Wilson. Whenever we talk about this film it is inevitable to talk about this companion of battles against loneliness that allowed the protagonist to cling to life.

This film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, the same who directed the Back to the Future trilogy.

My wife and I thank Hanks, Zemeckis and Wilson for buying part of our furniture and household goods that year, all for the VHS rental of Cast Away.

This is my participation in the initiative Cine TV Contest #40 - Favorite Tom Hanks Movie Link Aqui.

Greetings to all, good luck to the participants in this initiative, a pleasure to greet you, I hope you have enjoyed reading this publication.

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