Cine TV Contest #36 - Favorite Halloween Movie: Trick 'r Treat

Trick or treat is the most famous phrase I have heard during the Halloween festivities, I understand that Trick is a scare or joke, and Treat can be interpreted as a gift.

What the children are looking for is for the adult who opens the door to choose between giving them a scare or giving them a piece of candy.

In the town of Warren Valley, its inhabitants get ready with their costumes and decorations to celebrate Halloween night. Vampires, wolves, the undead and killer pumpkins walk the streets, but it's not all costumes. Trick 'r Treat is an anthology of interwoven horror based on Halloween night.


In the first story a young girl (Anna Paquin), chooses a costume for the party she is going to attend that night in the company of her friends, choosing the one of Little Red Riding Hood, what she does not know is that they are going to be harassed by a maniac, a vampire, who takes advantage of the fact that half the town is disguised to commit his crimes.


The second story introduces us to a school principal Steven Wilkins (Dylan Baker), who turns out to be a homicidal maniac in his spare time and his accomplice is his young son. This part shows us moments of truly memorable black humor. While this story unfolds, characters that we will later meet begin to cross paths, and certain actions take place, which will be explained later on.


In the third part of the film a group of children make a visit to the place where eight children drowned in a school bus that fell into a lake. From there a legend emerges, and these children will cross the real world until they enter a cliff surrounded by a perennial fog and an elevator that acts as a conduit between the two worlds.


Finally, we will see a man, Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox) who does not believe in Halloween, so he will suffer a very special visit, and not exactly the ghosts of Christmas past. This story works as a closure and summary to all the previous ones.


The character of Sam deserves a separate explanation, in the film he is a demonic pumpkin-like creature who acts as an enforcer of Halloween rules and traditions, and is willing to do anything to make sure these rules are respected. He is depicted as a child dressed in a Halloween costume, which consists of a set of orange pajamas, and a mask made of sackcloth with buttons for eyes. He acts like a mischievous child and seems to love chocolate. He drags a dirty sack with him throughout the film, but its contents are unknown.

Sam is killed by Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox) who temporarily subdues him,this takes away his right hand but moments later he regenerates and reattaches his hand. He has the ability to raise the dead from their graves as zombies to do his bidding by raising eight deceased children from the dead to take revenge on the man who killed them.

He projects fear into people's hearts, and causes supernatural occurrences with his presence alone, plus he knows who extinguishes the flame of a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight.

This character in his own right has become an icon of modern horror.


The film presents a very classic setting always present in these festivities: a small town, a Halloween party, a night where anything can happen, especially if you don't follow the rules. Whoever does not follow the rules of Halloween may not survive: surround your house with pumpkins, put a candle to the dead and when they knock on the door, always accept a treat.


This horror anthology mixes the stories in a way that makes the characters feel relevant, bringing cohesion between them all.

The film is very fluid narratively with a lot of attention to visual and scripted detail, blame it on director Michael Dougherty. The cast is very well cast and off screen you can tell they had fun making the film.

The film is from 2007, it was relegated to specialized festivals, it went straight to video in 2009, year in which I got it on DVD, after watching it I realized that I was in front of a hidden gem of horror cinema, shortly after I learned that this fun and macabre work enjoys worldwide popularity and has achieved over the years a cult status. Thus Trick 'r Treat has become one of the favorite movies for many to watch on Halloween.

This is my entry in the Cine TV Contest #36 - Favorite Halloween Movie Link Here. Good luck to all participants !

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