CineTV Contest : Wedding Crashers

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This is my entry into the CineTV contest 23, Favorite Party Movie. Link is here.

Name - Wedding Crashers
Released - 2005
Director - David Dobkin

This week's competition was all about parties and I love party films! I still have some fond memories of Kelly le Brock in Weird Science and the party they organised there. But great as she was, it isn't one that really sticks in my adult memory.

This week it came down to three possible choices. The first is The Hangover which I skipped as I have recently written about that film. The second-placed choice was an indie film called Human Traffic. This film documents a probable typical weekend from this time period around 1999 and features a young Danny Dyer before he became famous.

Now onto this week's pick, which just by a neck managed to take it from Human Traffic. Officially labeled as a RomCom, the Wedding Crashers is a light and easy-going film to watch that will give you a few chuckles and won't pickle your brain with too much going on. Whilst not strictly a party, it is in fact many wedding parties that they crash.

It stars Owen Wilson, the legendary Christopher Walken, and the hilarious Vincent Vaughn. The chemistry between Owen and Vincent is really good. The release of this film ties in with the appearance of Owen in quite a few films at the time and it was as though he came out of nowhere to suddenly be in everything.

What I really loved about this film was the crazy idea that a couple of guys would work a wedding circuit as a rouse to pick up women. On the one hand, it is crazily childish, but on the other hand, you could see that it could actually work.

At one point I was thinking, why didn't I try this with my pals when I was younger. This is really thinking outside the box. Respect.

Weddings can be some of the best parties as the drinks flow easily and everybody lets their hair down. In the film, the gags flow easily and Vincent Vaughn is on fire most of the time but Owen holds his own in his own unique way.

â–ș My favorite scene

My favorite scene in the movie is the hilarious "Motorboating" scene where Vincent starts re-inacting his motorboating technique and gets all excited about it. There is something just funny and childish about the scene that makes you laugh. It could be the grin on Vincent's face or the fact you may want to test this for yourself! lol

Like many good friendships, things are going well until somebody falls in love and you see that it isn't fun anymore chasing short shallow relationships.

When Owen is crashing the weddings alone but is depressed without his wingman, it reminded me a lot of the Wedding Singer film. It is as though he could have teamed up with Adam Sandler singing the weddings, there were so many similarities.

The film does go too far with the role played by Will Ferrell and serves up to bring you back to reality with how absurd the whole idea of chasing women at a wedding is and that following your heart is the best path to take. The whole picking up beareved women at a funeral leaves you somewhat shocked and I think the chemistry betweene a crazy Will and a somewhat shocked Owen works well here too.

Wedding Crashers is my favorite party movie (after The Hangover) with some great boyish jokes and humor, but doesn't go too far (except the funeral scene) and is something you can watch with the wife as it has the official "RomCom" title 😄.

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