CineTV Contest : Back to the Future

Hello Movie fans!

This is my entry into the CineTV contest 38, Favorite Movie Vehicle. The link is here.

Name - Back to the Future
Released - 1985
Director - Robert Zemeckis

Being that I love cars, I knew that I needed to take part in this competition. Some of my favorite vehicles have been for example the helicopter in Airwolf, the A-Team van in the A-Team, and the amazing Kit from Knight Rider.

These are however from TV serials so are not valid for this competition. Phew! There are too many great vehicles in TV serials to choose from. From films, it should hopefully be much easier.

Some good vehicles from films that are noticeable to me are the van from the A-Team but I didn't watch this film yet. There is also the famous Aston Martin car from the James Bond films. There was also the very famous Volkswagen Beetle called Herbie that I loved as a kid. Now though I cannot stand this film anymore!

However, there can be only one and that one is the very famous Delorean from the Back to the Future films. I absolutely loved this series when I was younger.

Who wouldn't love a car that had funky opening doors? These doors that are attached to the roof of the car were usually used for sports cars and the Delorean looked like the ugly duckling compared to some of its counterparts. The Delorean however, was made cool in this film with it's amazing time travel ability.

The film was memorable not only because of the car though. It had a great soundtrack by Huey Lewis and the News. This song will always be connected to this film for me. This wouldn't be the last time that they would make an iconic song connected to a film.

I was also introduced to their song Hip to Be Square in the film American Psycho. Whenever I am thinking about making a restaurant reservation, I am thinking of this song.

Even more impressive than the car though was the skateboard scene and in Back to the Future part 3, the amazing hoverboard scene was just mind-blowing to any kid who watched the film at the time.

Overall the film had so much and was centered around the awesome Delorean reaching 88mph to travel in time using some stolen nuclear fission rods from some Lebanese terrorists.

The whole thing is hilariously put together with some magical moments and at the very end, you think the hoverboards can't be beaten until you see that the Delorean is turned into an amazing flying car. Talk about epic and leaving a cliffhanger.. we want to see more of the flying Delorean!

Thanks for reading.

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