The villain of my own choice is "Kanayo O. Kanayo" he his an "igbo" man, who come from South East part of Nigeria from Anambra state, the reason who while I like kanayo O. Kanayo his most of his movies he acted it involve ritualis in the movie and he will act the movies very well.
But most atime in the movies he doesn't have mercy for anybody and he usually initiates people to enter his court group and he serves as the chief incharge of the court.
Kanayo O. Kanayo usually act those movies because of his people igbo because the like initiating themselves in doing or performing rituals in real life so the purpose of his acting as a ritualist is just warning his people who have the intention of putting themselves in ritualis because they want to make a lot of billionaire of money.
Kanayo O. Kanayo was a famous nollywood actor who make a lot of money from his acting as a ritualis but in real life most people where thinking he is a true ritualis but it is not and he his man of God and he believes I Almighty God and he his blessed with a wife and a daughter and they was a certain time that his daughter came out from social media and said that she had people saying her father his a ritualis and she said her father his not a ritualis but he usually acted in film so people should not take if as her father his a ritualis but the some of the people accept while some refused but no matter how it is Kanayo O. Kanayo his a good man but he like acting bad film.

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