the image is screenshot from the movie

Top gun maverick

Maverick Is the actor of the film which serve as a captain in the film as the navy captain officer, which was train under the umbrella of two admiral officer of the navy and he work with his friend before their plane have crash and the fall in water and they were dismissed from work but his friend the bring him back but his rank was reduced and maverick was call his top commander because of his talent and passion toward the work and they gave him a team to coach as a captain of the training and he refuse but the boss told him it is an order and he later accepted and started teaching them and they were happy but but suddenly two officer started fighting at each other and the training for that day was terminated.

the image is screenshot from the movie

The next day they started going to air training which most of the officer try their luck but still they is Observation and the next day they were going to an attack which maverick plane has issue which is was lost in the area of the winter side and is colleague help Jim and they steal their enemies plane and they used it to attack their enemies and kill them an return back home and they were congratulated by their boss for finishing their enemies.

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