this image if screenshot from YouTube while watching

A gang of marked criminals robbed a bank in a city and each of them are betraying themself till the final survivor, the comedian revealed himself till he escaped with the money which no one can catch him.

The Gotham mafia bosses hold a meeting on how to protect their organization from thief and the joker interrupted their meeting and he said he is going to kill batman but the batman letter found lua in Hong Kong and bring him back to the police men in Gotham because batman life's been in danger and the police later arrest joker while he is saying the batman is incorruptible while his plan to corrupt them has succeed.

This image is screenshot from YouTube while watching

The Gotham family is blaming the negligence for Rachel death while the batman said he will save the gardon son the fox destroyed the network that help the batman in locater joke while his hiding and at the moment the city of the Gotham policemen call batman a hero's.

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