** image is screenshot from the movie**

This is a movies which is acted in African which two kingdom are rival of them self the " dahomey kingdom" and "oyo kingdom"

The king of dajomey which is called the king ghezo of the dahomey kingdom, the dahomey separated from oyo kingdom because the oyo warriors used to sell the slave to white men to take them away from African.

There is a lady called " Nanisca" in dahomey kingdom she is the leader of the war and most of the warriors of dahomey kingdom are women, they know how to fight very well and the commandant of the training she is called `` Agozie''.

In the kingdom of dahomey the warriors are fighting for the right of African people while in the oyo the commandant is called " Oba" he his the incharge of slave trade in African and the dahomey want to stop the trade affairs but the oba of oyo kingdom is stronger and the daughter of Nanisca her name is " Nawi" she is a warrior to which a white man called " malik" love her and they is no way a warrior will fall inlove .

image is screenshot from the movie

In the fight the Dahomey Kingdom warriors escaped narrowly in the war and they all ran away to their kingdom but Nanisca said she will bring the head of Oba of Oyo one day.

The dahomey kingdom went for the second fight which they are prepared but still the Oba of oyo is still strong whereby they injured the warriors of dahomey where they told three warriors of dahomey " Nawi, Agozie, and two others and they sold Agozie to white men which she try run away but she was kill the white men.

Nanisca had what's happening to their warriors and the king told to not but but she take her move to the kingdom of oyo whereby her warriors her following her till the reached the kingdom of oyo and the fight very well where by the Obama of you almost king Nanisca but which the courage and promise she make that she must bring his head to the Palace and she try and kill him and cut off his head and the kill the warriors of oyo kingdom and by coming back home she was thinking she disobeyed the rules of the king and the king crown her the " the king of women".

image is screenshot from the movie
Nanisca called nawi and tell her that she his her mother and nawi ran away and he she come back and called Nanisca " mother " Nanisca is happy that her daughter call her mother and nawi said mother come let go and dance and she followed nawi to dance in the field.

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