CineTV Contest (#71) : America's Got Talent (AGT)


People watch most reality shows because it is entertaining and amusing and has loads of drama and conflict. Because people enjoy singing and dancing, several reality shows showcase emerging talent in such areas. This attracts viewers' attention.

If I were given a choice, there are too many reality shows that I like to watch. But on my blog this time I will only write about reality tv which is definitely number 1 in my choice.


America's Got Talent

I can find some entertainment in these reality shows because I have a strong interest in singing and music. The fact that these reality shows include performers with a variety of skills in addition to singing, like dancers, magicians, and more, truly piques my interest.

Other contestants come from other countries. The American Dream, which is frequently exalted, draws some viewers to this programme and even to the contestants itself.

In addition to that, I really enjoy watching YouTube reruns or bloopers of these reality shows. There are occasionally reruns of compilations including the top contestants, compilations featuring contestants with poor talent, and even compilations featuring contestants who acted rudely during auditions.

The fact that different acts can be observed is what makes this show my top pick. Some of them are so hilarious that I giggle. Even some of them make me cry with their happiness.

People watch "America Got Talent" a lot because the contestants go above and beyond to make the audience members happy and amused. Another reason why people watch it is because some viewers find it amusing or entertaining when people argue or act so ridiculous on camera.

There are even other countries with their own Got Talent, such as Britain's Got Talent, Indonesia's Got Talent, Albania's Got Talent, Australia's Got Talent, Asia's Got Talent, and many more. I guess there are more than 80 countries showing their own Got Talent shows. Which was created by Simon Cowell at the beginning.

But above all, I will always love to watch America's Got Talent, maybe because of the judges too. How about you, dear readers? What are your favourite reality shows? I'm writing this as my entry to this week's contest. I hope everybody has a wonderful day, and God bless.


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