Fav Batman Movie: The Dark Knight

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Fav Batman Movie: The Dark Knight

Gooooood day Ciners I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend smashing out a few blockbusters and a few tubs of butter infused popcorn. This weekend I watched a few new release films and while I was going to pop together a review about what I watched. I instead saw a wonderful contest by @Cinetv about your fav Batman movie.

This is quite a broad contest as there have been so many different interpretations of Batman from different actors from blockbusters to T.V shows which I enjoyed watching as a kid.

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Who didn't come home from school to watch reruns of the old Batman and Robin T.V shows and the tacky low quality special effects that were cutting edge for their time.

The Joker always seemed to be the main villain or perhaps it is just the one I remember the most due to his make-up and frightening portrayal throughout the series. But if there was ever one iconic villain in the Batman franchise it was definitely The Joker.

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Batman in the 90s

Batman in the 90s brought a new wave of films with even better special effects and a new interpretation of evil villains and even some blockbuster actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze. A Scientist turn super villain as he tried to come up with a way to save his dying wife, doesn't sound too bad once you think about it. Except for the fact he hurt people, sure he could have gone about it a better way.

Poison Ivy and Bat Girl were also popular characters to join the show and many awaited a return of Bat Girl but we never got it, so many young boys had Bat Girl posters on their walls, we're you one of them?

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Batman Returns

For a few decades there Batman Returns was one of my fav films with Danny DaVito as Penguin, I found his portrayal as the villain dark and well implemented. He's shotgun umbrella was a scary inception at the time.

A lot more sinister at dangerous a sewage dweller coming to the ground level of Gotham to "Kill the Batman" and take hold of the city. The whole film was built around a dark and dangerous setting and it remained well for many years after.

One of the most terrifying gritty scenes still remains in my mind today when Penguin bites mans nose right off, why did he do it? because an image consultant called him ugly in less words than the scene shows.

And then the saliva that was black, hmmm so many scary dreams for this character Danny DaVito really built the Penguin up and it's probably one of those iconic characters that will be hard to match in future Batman films so they have stayed away from recasting and using Penguin in future films.

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Batman: The Dark Knight

But let's fast forward to the modern day where in the 2000s we got a new look into the dark world that surrounds Gotham City and a new era of Batman films launched on our screens.

Christian Bale played a wonderful Batman however, I was not a fan of The Batman the first inception that showcased the Scare Crow and to be honest this put me off the rebirth of the films.

Although as a younger lad going on another date with my partner there wasn't much on at the cinemas so we chose Batman The Dark Knight and I wasn't expecting much from this film.

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But the opening scene automatically gave me a whole new film, unlike the previous film this had some high points right from the on set with some really great acting by our very own Heath Ledger.

Although I had previously seen him in 10 things I hate about you and a few other action films such as The Patriot I didn't anticipate such a strong portrayal of The Joker.

Heath made the movie and I believe it is one of the reasons why Batman went on to do well and although Bane came in for the Final Batman The Dark Knight rises and the film further developed. It is Batman The Dark Knight that really sticks out as one of the best Batman films ever made.

Will we get to see another great film as great as The Dark Knight?

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