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Gooooood Afternoon CineTvians it is great to see another wonderful CineTV contest and if you want to enter yourself you can do so by clicking this post and finding out about this weeks awesome contest which closes in a few hours. I think, I am in Australia and I know most people are a day behind.

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For me the first movie that came to mind or more so sitcom that came to mind about work was the wonderful series The Office which followed the day to day lives of people who worked in an office and what their day entailed.

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The show itself wasn't that much of a big budget ticketed item nor did it have much of a plot other than follow the lives of a manager and his staff at a paper company.

What did make it funny was a lot of the ad hoc humour that was brought in and some of the cooky experiences that took part in peoples lives and the many, many pranks that were had on each other over the years.

The show itself made absolutely no sense and had no major draw cards other than silly office fun and the stories made were so far out of place that it made it believable.

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I have a boring office job and it is something that has often reminded me of "The Office" with the love triangles, mergers, changes in management and incoming out going staff.

Although my work is relatively boring and nothing like The Office I sometimes wish it was a lot more entertaining because The Office looked liked a great place to work.

As always a group of people just trying to make their way through life and keep their company a float and getting paid.

Pure small screen marvel!

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