CineTv Contest #40: Saving private Ryan


Actually, when ever I remember this movie, I felt like buying a ticket, fly over to hollywood and give Tom Hanks a warm hug, although it has been years since I last watch this particular movie, I still feel the passion that it triggers within me, the rush of andrenaline and the daydreaming of being in the battlefield.
Tom Hanks as Captain Miller had to make a breakthrough with him men despite the bullet-hailing welcome they get from the Germans. The land was very rush and the bullets began to cut them down even before that landed on the Omaha beach. At the end, after losing a lot of men, his Ranger company were able to secure the beach and dislodged the German soldiers or rather killed them off. One soldier that got me so excited here was the sniper, that guy was so good.

The U.S war department got to know that four brothers, with the first name Ryan, were involved in the military and three had been killed. One was killed on the Omaha beach I guess as a backpack on the back of a dead soldier was shown bearing the name. An order was issued out for the last remaining of the four brothers to be found and sent back home to his family so as to prevent all four males of one family from being killed. The duty was assigned to Captain Miller (Tom Hanks). He saw this as an opportunity to send off a letter to his wife whom he had had no recent contact with.

It was a rough search as they had to be involved in a fierce face off with the German soldiers and here,Captain Miller did a good deed but it later turned out to claim the lives of a couple of his men and subsequently, his. He let a German soldier whom his men had apprehended after he had shot and killed one of his soldiers. Although his men went a little hot tempered when it happened, he calmed them down with a story of himself.
Captain Miller and his men finally found private James Francis Ryan, he and his men were defending a bridge and when the Captain told him about his brothers and that he was to be sent home, he was at first sad at their deaths but he bluntly refused to leave the place, stating that the other soldiers there are his brothers now.

Seeing his mission and hope of making contact with home being put on the line by private J. F. Ryan's stance, he took command as the only officer around and as the battle was in full sway, he ordered private Ryan not to leave his back and I could vaguely remembered he even disarmed him so he won't be involved in the fight. The battle pressed hard on the the Americans but their air and tank support came in just in time to help them out.
It was in this battle that the German soldier Captain Miller had let go, killed two of his men and shot him before he finally got killed by their military interpreter.
At the end, Captain Miller was shot but before he died, he told private Ryan about the sacrifice that had been made for him to survive and ask him to earn it.
An old war veteran who was shown in the begining of the movie in a military cementary was shown at the end with his family and I got to understand it was private Ryan.
This movie showed me the love those soldiers had for each other. Imagine the risk the unit took just to save and send home just one soldier among a thousand of others? Overwhelming!
Also it taught me another lesson, never to let an enemy go while the battle still rages on.

All images used are screenshots from the movie


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