Cine Tv contest #36 : Bring Back Our Men

Here in my country Nigeria, we don’t have the Halloween culture and due to our high superstitious believe, I don’t think it will be accepted but we have some quite spooky movies that I really don’t want to put myself in the shoes of the victims. Never!
One of such movie is Bring Back Our Men starring the notorious comic actors, the likes of John Okafor and Frank Odega. The movie actually started out as a comic movie where John Okafor returned to stay with his brother after years of fruitless working in another part of the country. His brother who makes and sells coffins welcomed him and advised him to get a job. It got so hard that they started going from hospital to hospital to check out for dead and dying people and had to even start pushing the coffins around on a wheelbarrow to get buyers.
One day, John Okafor saw a beautiful lady walk past on her way to school and he tracked her down to the school compound where he wooed her and they started dating. He offered to marry her and she accepted and said they should go see her parents to seek their consent. Despite the warnings from his brother and friend, he still followed her because seeing how beautiful she is, he does not want to miss out.
The day came and they commenced their journey with the lady driving. They first sign of trouble was when they were well into the bush and a ghost appeared covered in sours. John Okafor saw him but once they drove past, he vanished.

They later got to the house which was in the middle of nowhere but it was a very magnificent house which shows the lady’s parents were rich. They went in and he greeted her parents.
What was not known to him was that the lady and her parents were actually ghosts and that the lady comes to the world of the living on a quarterly basis to take men away to their doom and John Okafor was unfortunate to be the current prey.
They were having a meal together and he was eating from the lady’s plate instead of his which was still covered and the lady kept insisting he settled down to his. After much persuasion, he uncovered his plate and what he saw made him jump out of his seat. He saw a whole human palm placed on in his plate and the fingers were chipped. They kept urging him to eat but he refused and kept looking at them suspiciously.

He ran up to his room and when he went in to the bathroom to take his bath, while washing his hands in the sink, the water turned into blood.
when he refused coming down for his meal, the lady took it to him and as she was coaxing him to eat, she uncovered it and there on the plate again was rice laid with the same whole human palm with chipped fingers. He got hysterically and they finally had him glued to the wall. He was doomed, living in a house with three deadly ghosts with no chance of escape.

I was wondering how he was feeling and his state of mind at that time. No hope of be rescued and no way of escaping from ghosts! I believe this is a hell of a fix for one to be in.
Subsequently, his friends through the help of a witchdoctor came to rescued him but they also got their own share of being glued to the wall until the witchdoctor came.

All images were screened shot from the movie
They narrowly escaped death.
Though the movie was scary it also had a good dose of comedy in it that helps to cushion the scary effect but for days after watching that movie, what with the coffins and ghosts, I had to keep my light on throughout the night so as to sleep peacefully.


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