CineTv Contest: Favorite Scarlett Johansson Movie -Lucy (2014)


Okay, so as always another week of favorite movies is here and I really love the star we are to write about in her favorite movie. I mean who does not love Scarlett Johansson. I'm sure everyone does, so without wasting much time I'll hit the road with my favorite movie of Scarlett Johansson.

The beautiful and ravishing Scarlett Johansson displayed her extraordinary talent and range as an actress in the 2014 sci-fi action thriller movie "Lucy," which was directed by Luc Besson.
And up on till today, "Lucy" stands out as my preferred movie experience with Scarlett Johansson as the lead actress thanks to its provocative premise, clear picture, and Johansson's captivating performance.

Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, is a young lady living in Taipei, and she was the focus of the movie. Unknowingly to her, she became involved in a risky drug smuggling enterprise. Her brain starts to fully develop when she is introduced to this potent synthetic chemical that gives her remarkable and incredible mental and physical talents. As she fights to control and understand her newly found abilities, Lucy gradually develops into an unstoppable and formidable force, and she began seeking retribution from those who have mistreated her and lured her to the syndicate, also learning the mysteries of human existence.

Luc Besson expertly captures the spirit of Lucy's developing consciousness with its magnificent photography and visual effects, "Lucy" is visually spectacular and completely immerses the viewer in Lucy's spiritual experience. The pictures are a combination of arresting images, vibrant colors, and fluid camera motions. I so love the visual depiction of Lucy's developing mental capacity and her thought provoking, mind blowing perspective of time and space both as the movie dives a bit into philosophical topics. The expertly staged action sequences highlight Johansson's physical prowess as she effortlessly defeats her opponents.

The overall viewing experience in "Lucy" is greatly improved by the sound effects too. The give this immersive environment, from the quiet sounds firing in Lucy's brain to the booming bass that accompanies the dramatic action moments.

Despite being largely a sci-fi action thriller, anyone that's a bit philosophical will agree with me that "Lucy" also tackles issues of philosophy in the area of self-identity and self-discovery. Because as Lucy's abilities develop, she began to question what it means to be human.

Why is it my favorite movie of Scarlett Johansson

As Lucy, Scarlett Johansson gave a spellbinding performance, she perfected her character and also conveyed the character's evolution from a regular young lady to a superhuman. This helped to make the film one of her favorites. Ofcourse I know it's not the only movie she has played with superhuman strength, but this movie did it for me.

She played Lucy with a lot of realism and tenderness. She literally embodies the part. I loved how she handled Lucy's transition, from her human self to the superhuman self displaying a wide range of feelings and physicality as her abilities advanced. From the expressive eyes and nuanced body language that showed both vulnerability and an otherworldly air.

She really did give a compelling performance that will resonate with any audience and me.

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