Cine Tv Contest: Favorite Basketball Movie - Coach Carter (2005)


In my clime, the beauty and the game of basketball is not duly recognized or appreciated. It's not a game people get to go see in numbers or get excited about. This does not mean that there are no people who are interested in the game. There are a handful interested or should I say that love the game but not like those that don't.

I on the other hand have been opportune to be with people that love the game and also play the game of basketball. On various occasions I've watched them play on the court and also had to see movies about this beautiful game with them too. Movies like "Love and basketball (2000), Uncle Drew (2018), Glory Road (2006), He Got Game" (1998)". And in all these movies I will tell you that they are great movies. But there's one exactly that blew my mind away and it had the humorous and legendary Samuel Jackson in it. The movie "Coach Carter (2005)". And that's my choice movie on this week's Cine Tv Contest.

I have always known Jackson to be an action thriller maestro. But seeing him in this particular basketball movie was one of the things that intrigued me in seeing the movie.

Coach Carter The movie is one basketball movie that is filled with so many life lessons which I'll try my best to point out in my review. For one I think the movie's key lesson was accountability.

About the movie
"Coach Carter"is a strong and powerful basketball movie that tells of the true life story of a man known as Ken Carter. Carter was a high school basketball coach who tries to instill in his players, both on and off the court the act of discipline and accountability. The film had Samuel L. Jackson as the lead character. Jackson played the role of Ken Carter. The movie also was like is mentioned earlier based on the real-life story of a high school basketball team in Richmond, California - The Richmond High School basketball team.

The movie Coach Carter began with Carter being offered the position or post of a coach at his former high school, Richmond High School. But on his arrival he found out that the basketball team of the school was in utter disarray, with the players lacking discipline and focus. Carter knew at that moment that he needed to adopt a hard-line approach to coaching the students, if not there wouldn't be any chance for them. He started by implementing strict rules and high expectations.


Not only that Carter also discovered that most of his players were not doing great academically. So he started by setting a minimum GPA limit required for any players who wants to remain on the team. These didn't go down well with the players as many were cut from the squad. This decision caused uproar and disapproval among his team players and also some of their parents. They all rallied against Carter's decision, demanding reasons why he had to prioritize academics over basketball.

But slowly, as the movie progressed, the players and parents came to realize the importance of the discipline and accountability coach Carter was trying to instill. They realized that these are the qualities that will help them succeed both in life and on the court.

About the cast
Apart from some of his action blockbusters. Coach Carter stands as one of Samuel Jackson's best performances in a movie. He delivered his character with ease and also gave the charisma deserving of a coach. Jackson's was convincing and authentic. Conveying a coach's passion was like easy peasy for him in this movie.

Not forgetting other casts of the movie, like Rob Brown, who played the character Kenyon Stone, the team's captain in the movie. That's another character I loved in the movie. Brown also did great in the delivery of a powerful performance. Apart from the glam and all, they tried to capture the emotional struggles that most of these players face, trying to live up to their coach's high expectations.


"Coach Carter'' is one powerful and inspiring movie. It tries to drive the importance of discipline, and accountability. Also it tells of the value of education.

Carter's leadership and coaching skills highlight the importance of establishing a clear vision, setting high standards as a leader and coach. And I believe strongly that these lessons can be applied anywhere in life apart from the game itself.

Although the lessons to learn in this movie were much, it didn't come without its flaws too. Like the movie's portrayal of inner-city life and poverty. To some of the audience these may be seen as being stereotypical or cliched.

Another part or dimensions of the movie I love was that it portrayed that these players are also flawed. Apart from being heroes on the court they also have struggles which they face daily, behind the scenes. And In the movie they tried to let us see how some of the players navigate these storms of their life's.

One other thing I loved in the movie was the soundtrack. I loved that it featured some great mix of old and new school hip-hop tracks. I believe it brought out the mood and spirit of the game in the movie.

So for lovers of inspiring, true life events and basketball movies. Take it from me, Coach Carter is the movie worth spending your time on.

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