Cine TV Contest - Favorite Movie with a Young Lead- DO REVENGE


Another amazing contest @cinetv will continue to amazed me. Talking about young people is something incredible to imagine, young people who lead now are wise beyond any man could expect and also intelligent, there's a movie I watch far back and it amazed my intelligent how you want to play smart but you can't be smarter than others everyone have their own way to be smart in life.

The movie name is called DO REVENGE, watching it was interesting, every play in the movie was inspiring and also funny, how Grainel and Maxwell dated each other but couldn't work out well, do to Maxwell exposed Grainel nude video, it was somehow annoying seeing someone you love and trust exposed your nude video, Maxwell apologize to Grainel saying his phone was hack by unknown someone.

The college saw the video and gave Grainel suspension for a Year, she couldn't hold the shame anymore so she decided to live the college, and went for a vacation for a year. During duration of her suspension she met Nora, Nora was also betrayed by a friend too, they get to know each other and became friends.

The duration of the Grainel suspension ends, Nora have to change college to Grainel school, And it was funny to Nora. Grainel said to Nora let DO REVENGE, Nora was confused but she has no choice to say yes, do to Ericgal betrayed Nora. Grainel and Nora came up with a plan to revenge, Grainel said to Nora, I will revenge your's and you will revenge Maxwell, it sounds funny seeing both girls play their part of revenge and it works out well but later quarrel and revenge both self.

DO REVENGE was like a thing of playing ground everyone got revenge with each other, I enjoy the movie and it also a New movie hope you watch it, is interesting.

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