Movie Star Of The Week: Kate Winslet

So last week I was not really oppurtuned with time to write about the movie star of the week. I would like to attribute that to the busy schedule I have had last week. But this week I'm really getting back to it. So I searched on the CineTV newspaper broadcast and got to see that this week's movie start of the week is the delectable Kate Winslet.

But hey, not because I called her delectable means I like her to the core. I mean she's a good actress and beautiful too no doubt, especially when she was in her prime. I vividly recall having a crush on her as at the time she starred in Titanic. In fact I literally cried for her when she was at sea with Jack. As tender as I was when I saw the movie I thought she had really lost her friend because I saw a true life story on the video player, not knowing that all the movies are just replications of a story. Most times true stories.

In Titanic, I think Kate Winslet looks lovely with her red hair. I first got to see her grace the TV screen in one of her first films, or should I say when I saw her in the famous Titanic. And behind the camera, she's one assured actress in my opinion. She has this aura that she exudes when she's acting.

Kate Winslet is an English actress who was born on October 5, 1975, and is best known for her roles in tragedies and period dramas. Kate Winslet is known for portraying a variety of troubled women. She has received numerous awards, including three British Academy Film Awards, and Kate Winslet has received Emmy, Academy, and Grammy nominations.

I wouldn't lie I have not been following her up seriously but I would say I'm sitting on the fence in between loving and not loving this beautiful human. I have tried to see some of her movies and she does well with it. But in all I feel like the Titanic continues till date to be the biggest movie I have seen her in. Maybe it is because of the beautiful chemistry she shared with Leonardo DiCaprio.

I have also watched some of her interviews. She comes off as a confident woman who has all the knowledge about her job. But I will still say I am sitting on the fence with her. I am a fan but not to the core.

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