CineTV Contest: Young Lead Favorite Movie.


This week's contest in CineTV wasn't so hard for me to make my choice. This is because one kid has already blown me away with her acting skills in a particular movie that I just can't stop getting enough of. I mean this was a kid as at the time she acted this movie was nothing less than 13 years. But she literally pulled the stunts of an adult in that movie that I just couldn't stop wowing all through the time I saw the movie.

No let me rephrase up until now, whenever I see the movie Little I am still wowing at the acting prowess of Marsai martin. So immediately I saw the topic for this week's contest on CineTV (which you can find the link here ) I smiled because I already know my choice of movie and what I'm going to write about. So this isn't just a review for me this is a heartfelt writing from the heart about a great movie and also in appreciation of a great kid lead actress Marsai Martin to have ever graced my screen.

I've always been seeing Marsai Martin act in a sitcom comedy blackish but I never really took notice of her until I saw the movie little. Her exceptional display is everything. She was a treat to watch on screen and you would wonder how a little girl could be so brilliant with her acting skills. The ability for her to switch and play a character of a grown up. The gestures, the expressions, the walk, the talks really deserve to be applauded. Did I forget the comedy too she puts up with. I know you'll say she was already a comedic actress in blackish but her display felt a little different.

I loved the part where she had to be sent back to school and Issa Rae claims to be her guardian. So she attends school, makes some friends and has to upgrade their dress style just to ward off bullies.

Also I love the part where she pretends to be a kid rather than the bossy sanders. Plus the bar scene she tries to take some shots of alcohol and dances on the table. 😂

Do you know she brought the idea for the movie at a tender age of 10 years and acted on it at 13 years. Making her the youngest producer.

In the film "Little," Marsai Martin demonstrated that she was a genuine young talent worth keeping an eye on in Hollywood, and I'm confident that she has since continued to do so.

A wealthy entrepreneur named Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall), a brash tech tycoon known for both her brutal leadership style and her love of fashion, makes life miserable for her staff in the American body-swap film Little. Unexpectedly, a 13-year-old girl who claims to be equipped with Black Girl Magic crosses her way. One day Sanders reincarnates as the bullied 13-year-old she was as a child (Marsai Martin). Martin portrayed Sanders' miniature self as she struggled to adjust to her new surroundings. She makes an effort to deal with the bullies, resolve issues at work, and restore the relationships she damaged.


Isa Rae tried to make the movie not look too childish and Regina Hall's glowing cameo appearances gave strong support too.

Lessons learnt

  1. If life gives you a second chance, take it and use it wisely. Sanders was given a second chance and she opted to be good to her

  2. Don't be a bully.

  3. Love yourself: to love others and not see them as trash to be bullied you've first got to love yourself.

It was a feel-good movie with many positive messages about kindness and bullying, and Legendary Entertainment and Will Packer Productions did well with it.

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