CineTV Contest: My favorite sci-fi movie.


I've got a lot of sci-fi movies that I love. A lot of them that I could say too well that the movie producers, directors did a nice job. Infact a lot of them took a long time before they were deleted from my phone.

But there was one sci-fi movie I saw and I couldn't help but commend the skills of everyone involved in the making of that movie. And that is The Tomorrow War

This is a complete masterpiece of a movie. A movie with a beautiful story, an Intertwined mix of action, thrill, emotions and visual exhibition. It is a full dose of satisfying action and entertainment that delivers exactly what sci-fi fans want.

The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi movie that tells about time travel and Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) with ample daddy problems.

Forester and some other civilians from different works of life were drafted to go fight alien monsters in the future. Apparently there wasn't enough time to train them as they only got a few days’ military training before they faced the very scary enemy. Forester, a biology teacher who has also led troops in Iraq before, happened to be the right man for the moment, even if the moment won’t come for another 30 years.

Not forgetting the monster. They are fast, can swim, fly, shoot projectiles that make it almost impossible to escape them, and also they could smell your blood from a mile away. And the interesting fact about them is that the male monsters can hear their queen scream from afar even in the middle of the ocean. So intense.

The movie is an action packed family movie

Why I chose The Tomorrow War as my favorite

I feel like I relate much with this movie. I've always wondered how it will be going back to the past or future. If it can be possible. And if it's possible and you change a thing in your future or past. If it will in any way affect your present.

Now seeing The Tomorrow War was like an answer to my inquisition. Although it's all fiction and doesn't in any way prove that it's possible. But seeing such a movie gives me the feeling that someone somewhere actually is thinking the way I am.

Lessons learnt

Never ignore what is in front of you:
This is seen as Dan Forester wasn't satisfied with his life and in his quest he lost his family. Especially his daughter.

Never be quick to judge;
Dan Forrester was quick in judging his father for abandoning him. He didn't know that later on in life he'll abandon his own father too
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