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Cinetv Contest: Favorite Halloween Themed Movie.

I'm really the type that is not into Halloween themed movies I really don't know why. But from the list of movies I have seen there are a bunch of them. So I carefully had to pick the one I thought was best for this week's movie contest at CineTV which you can find here.


My choice movie is Trick 'r Treat.
I've never seen a scary film with a humorous undercurrent. Trick 'r Treat was a combination of scare and comedy, but in all the comedy in it didn't take away the horror from the movie.I thought Trick 'r Treat to be a great movie the first time I ever saw it.

In a horror film with a bit of comedy, it was carefully and expertly crafted to bring about the great combination. However, the plot is complicated. It wasn't as frightening as it could have been, and some of the stories fell flat for me. However, it is an enjoyable Halloween film. It describes how people can go or do things to great lengths due to the Halloween tradition.

Michael Dougherty directed Trick 'r Treat. The film is a horror anthology as the central theme. The film which featured the Sam character was inspired by Dougherty's 1996 animated short "Season's Greetings,".

On one particular Halloween night, the film Trick 'r Treat tells about five interconnected stories about murder and supernatural activity in the vicinity of a town with a unpredictably progressing & disorderly time and space. It was almost as if the film began at the end of the story and then, in a little twist and turn, it tried to focus on various events in a non-chronological manner, but in the end, you get a complete picture of what happened in the movie.

There is no clear storyline in the film. In fact, you may become disoriented along the way. It's a mash-up of five stories that all take place on the same street on the same night.

In this horror film, the residents of a small Ohio town discover what happens when they break the rules of Halloween tradition.

First, a couple discovers what happens when they blow out a jack o' lantern before midnight, and then it progresses on to the high school principal that discovers that he is a serial killer.

Moving further it shows also a college virgin who believes she has met the right guy for her.

A group of mean teenagers attempt a prank that goes too far, and finally, a hermit is visited by a special trick or treater.

Then all this activity in different locations are carefully joined together at the end to tell the Halloween story in this movie.

Trick 'r Treat is an enjoyable and unique horror film. Meshing comedy and horror so seamlessly, and telling very entertaining and well-tied-together Halloween stories. This is a good Halloween-themed film.

Cast and crew
Cast: Dylan Baker
Rochelle Aytes
Quinn Lord
Lauren Lee Smith
Moneca Delain
Tahmoh Penikett

Michael Dougherty (Director)
Michael Dougherty (Writer)


Release Date:
Spain [ 7 October 2007]


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