My Favourite Marvel Movie [CineTV Twitter Prompt]


When it comes to superheroes, action-adventure with a mix of sci-fi, I'll say Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are the pros and they keep getting better yearly. Formerly, I was into DC Comics admiring Superman and Wonder Woman but from the first time I watched Iron Man (2008), I have had great respect for MCU.

It's an uphill task trying to decide which of the Marvel movies is my favourite. Granted most of their movies are superb, funny and thrilling but there are a few that are a tad boring, especially the recent mini series.

Still, it's hard to narrow down the ones I love the most among the smash hits that have been realised. No doubt, I love Iron Man because the main character, Tony Stark, is played by the good-looking Robert Downey Jr and I love his suits! I admire Iron Man's heroics and the way he uses his artificial intelligence suits to deal with the bad guys and save his corner of the world.


Don't get me started on Black Panther (2018)! (Screaming in delight) MCU connected with most Africans with this movie even though it's all fictional. Just so you know, there's no place in Africa called Wakanda and there's no metal or element called vibranium. LOL. But Chadwick Boseman of blessed memory did an outstanding job bringing T'Challa, fictional King of Wakanda, to life. The action, fight scenes and cinematography are fantastic.

If you are into Norse mythology, then you will love Thor (2011) and its sequels as I did. The comedy is superb and who isn't into Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. These two are hilarious.

I watched Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and enjoyed it but I don't like the character as much. I feel his powers as a superhero are a bit overrated.

Another of my Marvel love is the Spider-Man series played by the cute Tom Holland. I enjoyed how characters like Tony Stark and Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.LD. were part of his movies.

What I enjoy the most is the overlapping and inclusion of other Marvel characters in a movie, working together, their powers syncing to achieve an interesting end. I'm sure you know where I am heading with this. A team-up of superheroes is my most thrilling watch and this was displayed in Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


I know there is usually a debate among Marvel movie lovers as to which Avengers movie is better: Endgame or Infinity. But I'll always stand by my choice —Infinity War is better. This is simply because we see the start of a formidable foe who gave the Avengers a run for their money by attempting to collect six all-powerful infinity stones so he can conquer the entire universe. What a universal threat!

After watching this movie, I had some respect for Thanos. Despite the powers and sophisticated resources at the disposal of the Avengers, they had a hard time defeating Thanos. I knew before Endgame was released, that Thanos would be defeated in it and his defeat was not satisfying. I wanted more.

The thrills of the action and fight scenes in Infinity War were the best, in my opinion. Though we are made to believe that Captain America was kind of the leader of the Avengers, I see Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, as the leader. It was fascinating watching these heroes stand and fight together, each one relying on the other's strength to conquer their enemy.

I'll say Avengers: Infinity War is my favourite Marvel movie. Which is yours?

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