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One of the CineTV Twitter prompts asks: Which movie inspired you to make a change for the better?

I don't watch movies for leisure purposes only. I also look out for life lessons and information to make my life better and a lot of films have inspired positive changes in my life. Movies have been known to influence people, make them question their convictions and work to be better. This is because the industry portrays the truths of life on screen for people to learn from.

I have watched a bunch of movies that inspired empathy and change in me but I'll discuss just two of them here. They are Eat, Pray, Love (2010) and Soul Surfer (2011).

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Sometimes, we search for the true meaning of life, beyond the one we are living. We want something better and have no idea what it looks like or feels like. This movie captures what the meaning of life is.

I was attracted to this movie simply because of star actress Julia Roberts. In this aspect, I applaud the creators for the cast. Though the movie is long, two hours and thirteen minutes, it's an inspiring one filled with life lessons. It is based on the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert and true events.

This motivating movie is about a young woman, Elizabeth, who had everything a person could ever wish for —wealth, a successful career, a home— her life felt perfect but she was unhappy which led to her divorce. To work through the pain of loss and heartbreak, she embarked on a journey to India, Italy, UAE and Indonesia in search of the one question we want answers to —the meaning of life.



One part of this movie I appreciate is the scenery. I have never been to places like Italy and Indonesia and seeing these lovely places on film was thrilling. For anyone seeking self-discovery, this movie is a good watch.

Soul Surfer (2011)

Nothing inspires more than watching another person's struggles on film. This is one of the reasons I love biographies —I learn from people's challenges and successes.

This movie is a touching one based on the true life story of Bethany Hamilton, an American professional surfer who survived a shark attack and in the process lost an arm. The best part of this young woman's story is that the attack and loss did not stop her from pursuing her passion —she returned to surfing professionally after her ordeal! I doubt many people would have done this which shows her courage and inner strength.



The role of Bethany Hamilton was played by AnnaSophia Robb and she did so excellently. The movie inspired me to never let any challenge, no matter how limiting it may be, pull me down. To be a winner, a person must conquer certain limitations. That's what Bethany Hamilton did in life and this movie.

Are you depressed? Then I recommend watching Soul Surfer so you can know that there are people out in the world with tougher problems and they still come out as winners!

I appreciate that the creators ended this movie with footage of the real Bethany. It's inspiring!

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