Cine Tv Contest Round #23: Let It Snow.


"LET IT SNOW" is an American romantic comedy Christmas movie directed by Luke Snellin from a screenplay by Kay Cannon, Victoria Strouse and Laura Solon. It was released in 2019. This movie got a place in my heart as some of it parts reminded me of my first relationship that went down the drain and the second that picked it out, washed it clean almost immediately. And it all played out at a party, the picking and washing up i mean.
It goes this way, on Christmas Eve, Julie happened come across a newly fame gaining pop star Stuart onboard a train. When she tried giving him back his phone, Stuart thought she was a fan abd this pissed her off, although he tried apologizing to her. Really, this part made me laugh because my first break up ended after i apologized for immediately recognizing her call since my phone had screen issues, the damsel refused and refuted my apologies. Even after i offered to take her out on an extravagant date, nope, this trick did not work out either. Now, we are as far from each other, romantically as Pluto is from the sun!


In the movie, one of Tobin's friends, Keon, tries to set up a party so he could impress a certain popular DJ at his house, unfortunate ly the party got stopped by his parents before it could be started, later he was invited to work. His friend, Billy, who also works with him made a suggestion about using where they work, Waffle Town as the spot for a party. Well, this can only be possible with the necessary arrangements and items being put into place.
As this was playing out, Julie's mother encouraged her about going to Columbia, using a phrase i so much love and always work by, it says "when life offers you something special, you take it". Everyone ends up at Keon's party. At the party, Tobin made his feelings known to Duke and well, she did the same. This scene very much reminds me of my naughty act back in 2017 after my first break up, just about 2 months after actually, sometimes in October. My Ex-girlfriend's best friend showed up at a party around my street. It was a birthday actually for one of my clique guys.


On sighting her, i made a move, well partially out of an inflated ego to piss off my Ex. I made sure she was within sight and watching us. I first asked her for a dance and i got lucky, feelings ran high, blood cells got hot and excitement went crazy, i put my lips to her ears and asked her out, she accepted with a smile and we managed a kiss. I was glad my Ex was watching and i felt like Neil Armstrong when he finally stepped on the moon.
We went hiking a couple of time afterward like Julie and Stuart went on the the and although there was no snow in my part of the world, we did have a good time of the rocks.

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