Cine Tv Contest #31 - (Home Alone 1 Movie)

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Hello Hivians, immediately I saw this week’s contest on a favourite movie with a young lead, what popped into my head was “Home Alone 1” a 1990 movie that made my childhood beautiful. Home Alone is a Christmas comedy movie.
I can’t recall how many times I saw this movie in fact it was very common in my neighbourhood during Christmas season. When I was a kid my parents would play the movie anytime my cousins and friends visit our home during Christmas season while we have some drinks and snacks as the movie plays before the Christmas meal gets ready. We’d laugh a lot while watching the movie then if it comes to an end we’d play it over and over.

The movie was written and produced by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus. Macaulay Culkin a child star starred as the lead actor named Kevin McCallister an eight year old boy whose wish was for his family to disappear because they paid less attention to him, his wish kind of came through, he was forgotten at home while his family went on a Christmas vacation to Paris unfortunately it was same time burglars decided to raid their home knowing that the whole family had travelled to Paris. Kevin was a kid with wild inventions. Unlike other kids that would get scared and shiver at the sight of the burglars, Kevin summoned courage and decided that the burglars won’t succeed in their attempt to steal from his family so he used his wild inventions to prevent the ambitious burglars.


During his attempt to stop the thieves he was occupied and started to have fun, he was playing to the extent that he didn’t feel the absence of his family.

The way he carries out his tricks on the burglars was very intelligent and funny, I was astonished, all I wanted to do was to keep watching to know his next move.

Culkin who starred as Kevin was ten years old as at the time he acted the movie (Home Alone 1) but they portrayed him to be an eight year old boy, he did quite well and was the life of the movie. If he was to be older than that the movie might not have that breath taking feeling but the fact that he was younger and could fight back older adult burglars with his tricks, the way he outsmarted the older burglars made the movie interesting and drew me to this choice.

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