Cine TV Contest #37 - Favorite Movie About Work: Working Girl

Work movie are the ones that focused mostly on the working aspects of the characters and even in today's world, one who do not work can not boast of a daily bread, seeing this week central idea just make me feel better because work is very mandatory in ones life.

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I want to share on the duty of Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) a worker in the Savvy new York City, Tess was a secretary to Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) not an hard to get but a secretary that help her boss in so many ways which we are to go discuss, the review goes this like, in the office, they was a time Tess boss Katherine needs an idea on how to push on the business, it was Tess who give her this idea and everything her boss should do for the plan to be successful.

Her Boss make used of the idea that her secretary give to her but Katherine didn't on the process give credit to her secretary which means she took her knowledge for granted, not like Tess would have taken the position from her or anything but a little recognition should have been enough for her but Katherine didn't do it, she considers Tesa as just a secretary, honestly Tess got angry about how she view her.

One day Katherine got involved in an accident, she got severely injured on her leg, Tess took control of the activities in the office, she thought of showing to the people that she was the originator of the ideas and not her boss, Tess after a lot of thinking of what she should do decided to overthrow her boss to make a huge deal with a potential investors, whose name was Harrison Ford (Jack Trainer), everything was planned but it was so not nice because things didn't go as she had planned.

Katherine came to be aware of the things her secretary plans to do in the office, this movie show greed on one side and also ignorance on the other side, Kathrine should not have cut out her secretary knowing fully well she has this ideas, becuase anyone who has an idea, has so many methods to used in making it a reality since the knowledge came from her secretary she should have included her in the actual plan, I wouldn't blame her because she knows her reasons why she had to keeps her aside for the main time, maybe it was her intentions to call her in later on.

Tess was wrong for her to go against her boss up to the extent of trying to show to people that she own the idea, that was so unfair, because for her boss to used her ideas does not means she has no idea of her own but she may want to try her secretary's ideas out, maybe to test her idea or something, to go against her boss, it was so unfair, that is why I say that on the other hand she was wrong.
But that would not stop me from recommending this movie for anyone to watch, it matches so well in a working environment.

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