Cine TV Contest #36 - The Addams Family

Like most of us would have do, going to new place we make friends and this friends we make are the ones that will make us feel good about the new place we move to in our life, in this movie, it was true that Addams child was either denied this privilege of making friends with the reality host commander daughter, it was so unfortunate because whenever i tried to put myself into the scene I see it that what happened was wrong to be done, I mean everyone have the right to make friends and to choose who we want to be our friends.

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In a situation where others people's interest is taking into our own relationship it will either make our world collapse, true, without having the desire relationship we ought to make our life would be crumble, in this movie the characters represent cartons but the characters are real people who are famous in movie acting, maybe it was as the movie demanded was so they did, maybe to bring out the real essence why it was premier, it is a nice movie and I really will like to recommend it to be watch in the Halloween time, I like the fact that it address so much issues that arises in a family to the extent that it also shows some measures to be adopted inorder to tackle this issues.

Wednesday has never for once did the wrong thing because friends is natural, it can happens in any one's life and we will feel like we have never been there, then we will likely feel like all our heart calling for it and refute all other things, this is the one movie which make me See's how precious is our thoughts to who ever might have feelings for.

Yet the movie also has a lot to talk about cheating, it shows no sign of cheating as a bad things but I think according to the movie, such attitudes is encouraging.

Some violence scenarios are also present In the movie even not much but one needs to know about what the movie is made of so that to be prepared.
Lastly, the movie has some sexually scenes so I think it is not really good for teens.

The movie release date is 25 October 2019.

The Directors of the movie are - Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan.

The movie was bigger Budgeted for - 24 million USD.

The Associated Production companies are - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Etc.

The Movie was Distributed by - Universal Pictures, United Artists Releasing.

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