Cine TV Contest #31 - Favorite Movie with a Young Lead - Empire of the Sun

Lead can be seen as a courage to move forward not minding the situations you finds yourself, to never go back or give up something that seems unpleasant to a person, in this great theme, I would refer to the scene of Jamie Graham in the movie, empire of the sun, although he was a child and was taken from his parents when the Japanese invaded all foreigners in Shanghai to a prison, he never gave up, but from that moment Jamie Graham saw himself as a man and no longer as a child.

He became a source of courage for others who were also captured on the same day with him, caring for them and speaking positively about understanding what is courageousness, his speech gives them hope. Basie, an American man who was also a captive, was charmed by the way Jamie related to others and became a knot that tightened each of their hopes to live on.

Jamie Graham never kept low, but he worked above what others see of him, he made it clear to everyone in the prison that the sun always sets in the morning, so why wouldn't they make that sun the strength to continue on? in this testing time?

Watching this movie and the path this young boy took makes me feel how powerful spoken words can be when we speak to the right person in the right time, people who feel lost need hope and this hope can only be obtained through the words of our mouth.

I see Jamie Graham making his words the common lead that strengthens people in prison who felt hopeless, it is one thing to die but it is very bad when a man committed suicide with his heart before being laid to rest, the young boy became a master at the moment when all hope was lost.

Jamie Graham leads is so outstanding that anyone who comes across this movie would watch it over and over again.

Even his parents thought that he would not survive a day in prison as young as he was, but the situation was different, Jamie survived, fought his way out of the tribulations with others prisoner's, Jamie is the man.

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