Planet 51 Animated Cartoon Review

As the film opens, we see a giant alien attacking a planet. The soldiers were all attempting to stop him. It is discovered that this is not a real scene, but rather a scene from a movie. Many people enjoy watching this in theatres. Later, we observe a planet populated by many aliens. They were living in the same way as we humans do on this planet. We come into an alien named Lem who is employed in the planetarium of this planet. The show has attracted many children. And they believe that any alien will assault their world one day. Lem was assuring them that there's nothing quite like an alien. This is only a comic's fictional character. Nothing like this will ever happen in real life, as it is only depicted in movies.

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After the show, Lem catches up with his friends, Who had been waiting for the film's second part. They inform Lem that when the film is released, they will watch it together. Lem explains to them that I've grown up and no longer believe. I won't waste my time seeing this film if it has anything to do with aliens. Meanwhile, Lem's next-door neighbor approaches him. Lem's biggest crush was on her, but he couldn't tell him. In addition, we witness a massive spaceship approaching their planet. It is detected in their planet's secret space. It is discovered that many more rovers from Earth have been dispatched to this place. All the sent items from the earth have been preserved.

This is also detected by the rover dispatched by Earth. And it becomes active on its own. Its job was to identify and approach any object that came close to it. Lem, on the other hand, was having a good time in his home. He hears a massive sound after a while. When he goes outside to investigate, He notices a spacecraft landing behind his house. After witnessing this, Lem becomes frightened. A human like alien emerges from the spaceship. After leaving the spacecraft, this alien, who was an astronaut, places the American flag. When he sees Lem, he becomes terrified and flees.

We later see the planet's base, and their leader has an idea. That any spaceship has landed in their planet. Later, we witness a swarm of aliens circling the spaceship. They're the natives of this place. Everyone was surprised to see this spaceship. They as well were concerned. Because everyone believes, that an alien has come. Lem was working in the planetarium as per his routine. And he was cleaning it when he heard a noise. And it turns out that the alien has come there secretly. Lem becomes quite nervous to see this astronaut alien. And he begins to flee because he couldn't believe that aliens exist. However, an alien that emerged from another spaceship was in front of him. As much as Lem feared him, the alien feared him as well.

He was fleeing from Lem because he was terrified of him. As a result, he realizes who he is and approaches her to introduce himself. And declares that I am an astronaut from the planet Earth. I'm not there to harm anyone. The astronaut tells Lem, That the spaceship on which I arrived has returned me to the command module. If I am unable to reach there timely, The command module will return to Earth. Without me, I'll be locked here for the rest of my life. After hearing everything, Lem believes there is an issue, And that he should assist this astronaut. Lem then puts him in his car and drives him to his spaceship. However, there was a large throng present, and reports and people were there.

They were trying to figure out where the alien had gone? After a while, the forces arrived, And everyone was trying to figure out where the alien was. When Lem notices this, he takes the astronaut into his home and hides him. Lem and the astronaut are aware of such persons and forces after witnessing them. It is virtually difficult to reach into space. While searching for the alien, the rover reaches out to it. After seeing this, the astronaut becomes overjoyed. A friend of Lem's comes up to him every now and then to inform him, That you don't believe in aliens.

Now, an alien has come to our planet. As he goes inside his room he becomes afraid to see an alien inside. Lem tells his friend the entire tale and asks for his help. In each manner possible, reach out to the spaceship. Lem and the rover share a strong friendship. Rover was behaving like a pet, which Lem likes. After a while, the forces' personnel were reached for the inspection of each house. It was now Lem's house's turn. When the officers arrive, they immediately begin searching the house. The astronaut acts as if he is in command of them. Both were foolish enough to believe they were in complete control. Later, they all gave us orders to drive us to a comic store. When the alien army's commander arrives, he thinks to himself, To establish a base of operations in one of these houses.

As a result, they could keep an eye on the spaceship to arrest when the alien arrives. And Lem's house was the closest to this spaceship. As a result, the order to relocate his headquarters residence has been issued. When the army enters, several things are checked. The alien eating things' rappers have been thrown. It's like a chocolate wrapper, and it's obvious that an alien had undoubtedly arrived. Everyone was wondering why Lem wasn't at his place. It was widely known that he may have had power over him. It was famous everywhere that Lem is both with the alien and under alien influence. Why doesn't Lem inform his neighbor about his heart's desire.
When he approaches her, she was enraged, that you've kept this secret. She thinks that Lem under alien control. Lim's friend was quite impressed with the alien that he was acting like him. And it's all caught on camera by a reporter. This video has gone viral to the point where everyone knows where Lem is. Also, they have an idea of how the alien seems. Later, army personnel arrived at this alien. After putting him in his car, Lem flees the scene. Army personnel, on the other hand, were taking astronaut's spaceship to their base. Nobody knows where the base was located; it was a top-secret location.

They believe it is impossible to reach that space. Lem has an idea, and he learns that one of the movie's parts will be released today. And everyone is extremely thrilled about it, and they're all looking forward to it. Arrive there after donning alien outfits. There were a lot of other people who were influenced as well. The film's similarity was one thing, but having an alien on Earth was another. It also has a unique appeal. As a result, many people have begun to wear alien consumes. They get lost in all these people once they arrive. Because no one knew who they were and an anchor, Comes in and informs us about a secret costume competition we're having. Your outfits appear to be authentic, and you've been proclaimed the winner.

After inviting them on stage, request a speech. On the other hand, the captured rover is presently approaching an astronaut. The soldiers arrived at the same time that he did. They learn that this isn't a costume, but rather a real astronaut. The army was about to detain Lem and the astronaut. However, he now acts as though Lem has been released. And he's no longer affected by it. Lem's next-door neighbor is likewise, and Everyone was excited to see it. The army is now taking the astronaut and the rover in the base. After all of this, Lem doesn't give up and still wants to help him. Because he isn't bad, all he wants to do is return home. He also informs his neighbor, who is aware of Lem's true intentions.

There's also no need to be concerned about the astronaut. Lem is approached by the rover, who later reveals the location of the base. Rover, Lem, and the next-door neighbor all reach for the base. It was a completely unfamiliar location for Lem. He had no idea what he was doing, so he double-checked everything. As a result, a button is pressed, and a massive base door opens. It declares that this is the same place where the spaceship and astronauts are kept. Rover was going ahead, so he asked his neighbor, and Lem to join him. When Lem arrives, he notices those army men downside, They are preparing to open the astronaut's brain to see how he is from the inside. When Rover notices this, he stops them, And they continue on their way to the spaceship after saving the astronaut.

They were preparing to board a spaceship when they were surrounded by the army. The general has already arrived, telling Lem and the astronaut, That if they try to flee, he will hit a bomb nearby. From there, no one could go. Lem believes he is joking, that he would never do such a thing. However, as they approach the base, the general emerges his gun and blasts. The fire spreads throughout the spacecraft, and the astronaut returns inside. Because the general was trapped behind a massive rod, he needed to be rescued. Lem was urging him to flee, but he believes it is necessary to save the general. In the spaceship, Lem and his neighbor, the rover, and the general have sat.

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Later, the astronaut pilots the spaceship, which travels to outer space, The astronaut shows gravity to everyone. The general regains his senses, and the astronaut re-lands his spaceship, On that planwt, dropping them all there. From this act of astronaut, the general thinks of him as a good man. And he isn't a mare alien and asks him to go back. That he may simply return, And that when the astronaut, was about to take his rover, he notices him close to Lem. And he makes the decision to retain this rover with Lem. He also says his goodbyes to Lem, who have been now good friends. As a result of Lem's assistance, the astronaut is able to return to his space. And, in the end, we notice that a pet of this planet has gone with him. The film ends here.

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