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The movie starts in the jungle with King Mufasa is inviting everyone to his home. A new baby has been born in Mufasa, as we can see. A monkey greets everyone with Simba. And he claims to be the future ruler of this land. Later, we encounter Mufasa's brother Scar, who was playing his cave with a rating. He didn't go to see Simba. Mufasa comes to find out why he didn't come to visit Simba.

Scar says that I forgot to meet Simba. He wasn't pleased to see Simba, the upcoming king of this land, because he desired it for himself. Mufasa says, Scar you must never give me deception, for my son will be the next king. Later on, we see a scar that has vanished. We see the same monkey who introduced Simba to everyone. He draws a picture of Simba on the tree because he is happy on his birth. Simba is shown getting up early in the morning in the next scene.

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Scar afterward tries everything to send Simba there. He claims that all ages have been there and that it is not a playground. And when you're a baby cub, Zazu later appears and takes Simba home. He was playing with her mother and Simba's friend Nala there later they go to play at a distance. Simba's mother requests him to look after him. They arrive at a distant location while playing. They're having a good time with the other animals here. They arrive at a distant location close to the deserted area. Nala tells Simba that we've gone too far away from the house and that they should return.

Simba, on the other hand, claims that now that we're here, we should also visit the deserted region. No one would call us a cub later on. They both travel to the deserted location where there are many bones. Lava was emerging from all sides and heard a sound. Both of them have arrived in the deserted area. They were both alone, watching a swarm of hyenas and their leader approach. We'll eat Simba, she says after seeing them alone there. Zazu arrives and informs them that they have arrived here mistakenly.

Don't hurt them; Mufasa won't forgive you if they get hurt. The hyenas say that they will not leave them today. Zazu attacks them and orders both of them to flee. When they emerge from there, they hide in a nearby tunnel. When they come out all of the hyenas are surrounding them. Mufasa arrives before they all attack them. Mufasa beats them a lot. And gives a warning to their leader. I'll never forgive you if my son is hurt. She later says sorry to Mufasa, and they all go on. Mufasa takes Simba and Nala and leads them away. Later, he tells Zazu to take Nala home because he has to speak with Simba.

Later, he says, "I've forbidden you, yet you've come here anyway." Simba claims that I wish to show my bravery to you. He states later that he doesn't want to lose you and that he loves you. I can't ever see you hurting. Simba says sorry to his father, and the two of them have good times. On the other hand, we see Scar, who returns to the cave to speak with the hyenas. Scar warns the leader that if Mufasa and his son are killed, he will rule that area.

Later on, you have the option of attacking any of the animals on the land. The hyenas' leader after listening to this lures. They both plan to kill Mufasa and Simba so that Scar can assume power. Scar is supposed to take Simba to a strange place, according to the plan. Simba says in the midst of the mountain that my father has scolded me because of you. Because I went to a deserted location. Scar tells it's fine. This is a place where you can practice roaring a lot. You, on the other hand, want to roar. Simba pays attention to him and begins to roar. It was all part of Scar's plan, and hyenas brought plenty of wild animals with them. They all follow Simba, who, while walking, reaches a distant area.

Scar also approaches Mufasa and informs him that Simba is trapped between the mountains. There are a lot of wild animals there. Mufasa runs through when he hears this. Zazu flies across the air, trying to locate Simba as he climbs a tree in an effort to escape. Zazu informs him that his father is on his way. Mufasa arrives and sends Simba to the peak of the mountain. Mufasa tries to climb as too, but Simba can only see Mufasa climbing on the mountain. Scar, on the other hand, drags him down as he climbs. Simba watches his father falling down. When all of the wild beasts have left, Simba returns to his father. Who fainted, Simba yells for help, but no one comes.

After a while, Simba sadly sleeps with him. Scar arrives there he acts as though he has no idea what happened. He tells Simba that because of what he's done, Mufasa is no longer alive. He holds Simba responsible for everything. He says that's how your mother feels about you. You probably killed your father because you wanted to be king. Simba is terrified, and he asks him what he can do now. Later, Scar tells him to leave, and Simba does as well. He flees in terror, and the scars send hyenas after him to murder him.Hyenas are later seen following Simba. As Simba falls from the top of the mountain, the hyenas believe he has died. As we can see he was, however, hidden behind the mountain.

Scar visits Simba and Mufasa's family to inform them that they are no longer living. I could go to his help if he knew he needed it. When the animals learn about this, they get sorrowful. Scar assures them that I will be their new king and that they should not be afraid. I'll take care of everything, Zazu and the monkey were observing from distance. They, too, believe Simba has passed away. On the other hand, we can see that Simba has traveled a long way from his home. He has arrived in a desert, where he sleeps after becoming tired.

Many wild birds came to eat him after seeing him dead. We observe an animal named Timon and his friend Pumbaa approaching from afar. Timor is terrified as he realizes he is a tiger cub. Pumbaa suggests that they help him and join us to improve our team. They later displace all of the wild birds. When Simba stands up, Pumbaa says, "We have saved your life by putting our lives at risk." Simba asks what would have happened if I had died. Following that, both shocked and inquired. Why are you speaking in this manner? They invite Simba to join after he tells them his story. Simba joins them and leads them to a beautiful forest. Simba says, I'm quite hungry, and I could eat the whole deer.

Later, they both sadly tell him that if he has to live with us, he must eat what we eat. You have brought a lion cub here, according to all the creatures in that forest he'll eat us afterward. Nothing is like, they say. Simba grows here over time and the three of them become good friends. On the other hand, we can view Simba's old house, where the situation has changed. Hyenas were free to roam and eat anyone they like. We see Nala, who is sad and tells Simba's mother. We should move since we can no longer live here. Simba's mother says we can't move anywhere. Scar is calling Simba's mother, according to a message received later. When she arrives, Scar informs her that you had rejected me and married Mufasa many years before.

But the moment has come for you to marry me so I'll be rightful king and you'll be queen. But she declines, and Nala, who was also listening, becomes upset. Nala at night plans to request help and she does the same. Simba, on the other hand, was having fun with Timon and Phumba. All the animals are terrified from Simba, but he looks after them. We watch him play once, and his hair reaches that monkey when he is flying. Simba is still alive, he understands. They detect a noise when Timon and Phumba are playing. Nala had arrived and attacked them. After shouting, they run. Before Nala can harm them Simba asks for their help.

Simba and Nala have fought first, but they later learn that they know each other. When Nala sees Simba alive, she is overjoyed. She yells angrily at Simba, "If you were alive, why didn't you come?" Simba claims that this is a lovely location and that no one needs my presence. He invites Nala to follow him to this location and pays her a visit. She notices this lovely location, and the two of them have a great time there. They love one other, as we can see. Nala tells Simba that we need him and that he should return. Scar and the hyenas have seriously ruined the area. Simba replies he is unable to assist you, and Nala tells him to return for his mother.

Simba, on the other hand, isn't convinced. It was pointless for me to seek your help and she leaves. Simba was upset as well, and he was out on his own. He notices the monkey, who asks Simba who he is, and Simba replies, "No one." Later, he tells Simba, "I've played you in my lap." Mufasa is still alive, and Simba becomes shocked. Simba is later taken to a water place by the monkey. who asks him to peep into the water. Can see your father here? When Simba peeps into the water, he sees his dad. From the heavens, he hears his father say, "You're a lion." You're my son, and I was proud of you when I was alive.

Remember, you're a king, and you have a responsibility to help others. Simba gets a lot of self-confidence, and his father's voice gradually fades. Simba tells him not to leave and he says that he will always be with him. When Monkey asks him who he is, he replies, "I'm Simba." Mufasa's son. He runs and roars while fleeing he sees Nala. who becomes overjoyed, and they arrive at their home. Simba notices that their situation has become worse. There isn't a single tree left, and there's nothing to eat. Even the water was short. And hyenas roamed the area. When Simba arrives, he notices Scar behaving badly with his mother. Simba appears and tells him that he is not allowed to speak to my mother in this manner.

When Simba's mother sees him, she is overjoyed. Later, Scar gets shocked and asks why you've come. You've murdered your father. Simba tells him that it was an accident and that he did nothing wrong. Here, Zazu, the monkey, and other lions seek Simba's help. They all say they'll be there for him. Scar and the hyenas were on the other side. Simba is approached by Scar, who brings him up the mountain's corner to kill him. Simba hangs down, and lightning strikes. Scar sees the fire everywhere and remarks to Simba that it appears to be familiar. Because your father has also asked for my help in a similar situation. I've pushed him down.

Listening to this, Simba understands the entire situation, concluding that scar is to blame. Simba rags and everyone else listens to this. He climbs by grasping Scar's neck. Later, a fight breaks out between Scar and his hyena companions, as well as Simba's friends. It was an incredible fight to see. Simba's friends all win. Scar seeks to flee as a result of this. While running, he approaches a mountain and sees no way forward. Simba comes there. Scar asks for an apology and asks will you'll kill me. I'm your uncle's brother, your father's brother.

Simba declares, "I am not like you; you have tricked both me and these hyenas." He tells Scar to flee, but Scar responds cleverly. He puts the sand into Simba's eyes. Instead of fleeing, he was to kill Simba. They both fight, Simba once again shows his strength, causing Scar to fall. Instead, Simba drags him down, many hyenas come there. They blame him for deceiving them, and they attack and kill Scar. Later, we notice that it is raining heavily there. And then the fire goes out. Greenery eventually grows there after a long period. The forest becomes beautiful. We see Simba as the king and Nala as the queen. They both have a baby. Whom that monkey meets and introduces to other animals. The film ends here.

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