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A show that tells the story of a girl who gets pregnant without even knowing about it. And yes! She didn't have sex for this to happen.

At first when I watched this show I was not impressed with it, seeing as it had a telenovela sauce sprinkled all over it.
I'm not much of a Telenovela fan because they mainly build on romance and I'm not a big fan of that.

But after a few more minutes of watching a couple of episodes, I can say without a doubt in my mind, that I love this series.

And it's not because of it's telenovela approach but instead it's because of it's sense of drama, mystery, and occasional funny moments.

The show centers around a young Mexican girl, Jane, who lived with her mother, who also lived with her mother(Jane's grandmother). She has a dream of becoming a writer and supports herself with Jobs like teaching and waiting tables.

Jane falls in love with a Police detective, Micheal, who she encounters while she was throwing a wild birthday party.

The two get to know each other and eventually begin a telenovela romance. And all the while she had been with Micheal, she never had sex with him.

Then one day, on her scheduled visit to doctors office. She is met by Luisa who is the Doctor In charge. Luisa mistakes Jane for a patient who came for an artificial insemination. And proceeds to perform the artificial insemination (AI) on her. Jane is unaware as she is under the influence of the medication administered to her and is constantly drifting to sleep.

When Luisa discovers this mistake, she decides to keep it a secret, until all hell breaks lose causing Jane to not only be dragged to another family's drama but to also get stuck in a hateful love triangle.

Jane the virgin is the most epic series I have ever watched and that's saying something because I have watched a lot of movies, ranging from telenovelas like Paloma and Diego to Hollywood movies like Friends, and How I met your mother amongst others. But for some very unique reasons JANE THE VIRGIN stands out.

I think it stands out to me because it's not really focused on captured a sense of feel or entertainment, and building on it. But instead, it focuses on capturing and dishing entertainment on various levels and not just focusing on one like love.
It creates a feel of Mexican in a Hollywood space and tells the story of love, drama, crime, comedy and family. And it does it, not just through the eyes of the main character but also through the voice of an omniscient narrator whose identity is later revealed at the end of the season.

All in all, I fell in love with this show not just because of the plot, or because of the way it portrays itself. But also because of the characters. And the characters truly are amazing, ranging from JANE who is the main character and is such a delight to watch, extremely beautiful and easy to follow. She also has a wild side, a funny side, and a loving side with an occasional crazy side included.
To MICHEAL, who is such a sweetheart, a loverboy and an excellent detective, And RAPHAEL who is a a rich playboy who owns the hotel Jane works as a waiter in.

There are also comical characters I enjoyed like Jane's mother who had a dream to become a musician but quit when she became pregnant with Jane. And Jane's runaway father, and popular telenovela star Rogelio De la vaga .

Finally, Jane the Virgin is an incredible series that I would love to see rebooted. Why? Because, despite the fact that the writers and producers continued to answer our questions in an astonishing video presentation, story writing, and story telling, There is still one part of the story that they left unanswered. And that would be the story of Mateo, who is Jane's artificial insemination baby. And yes, she gave birth to him before the end of the season.
The things I would love to see if this show is eventually rebooted is not the whole story of Jane, because we've already seen that. And making another isn't going to be productive money wise or entertainment wise.

But instead, a focus on the happily ever after, with the main character in focus being Mateo, Jane's son.
I would like to see and know if he eventually became a ladies man like his father or suffered heavily from constantly being tossed around from family member to family member, like an extra tail that isn't required but for some weird reason must stay put.

Just like how Rogelio De la vaga and his wife's reconnection after years of ups and downs, came to a beautiful , emotional and loving end. I would love to see the new reboot with the elements of the original story writing and story telling used in Jane the Virgin being applied. And I am a hundred percent sure that the show... will be a success.

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