CINETv CONTEST || Favorite scariest movie .


This movie, is particularly of interest to me, as it gives a whole new meaning to the game I enjoyed playing as a teenager.

The film revolves around demons and possession.
This horrific 2018 movie begins, when a group of friends, takes a vacation trip to somewhere I think in Mexico. Well, wherever it is they went, they were surely having fun. Dancing, drinking, Partying, and living the dream life.

During their party, one of the girls(whose name I do not remember but I'm going to call lovergirl. Because she fell for a stranger just like that!) in this group of friends encounters a stranger, who woos her with a lame pick up line, and a not so macho bravado . Anyways the two get acquainted and the strange man, invites the girl up to his crib, somewhere in a wasteland with the warning sign keep off( it's not actually a wasteland just a weird-looking cave habitat, that would have you screaming danger on first sight).
So the girl goes with the stranger, but of course, takes her friends along with them.
Back at the weird cave crib, they were all having fun, drinking, and doing all sorts of crazy teenager things. Until all of a sudden, the strange guy comes up with another splendid suggestion/idea!.
"Hey let's play a game, let's play truth or dare, it's so much fun, we can have each other do dirty stuff and even better reveal dirty secrets". And just like that my friends, he goated these young and unfortunate souls into signing their death certificates.


During the game, some secrets were leaked, trust was broken, and the atmosphere shifted from happy smiley drunkard teenage energy into angry frustrated teenage energy. Then suddenly the strange man stands and begins to exit the building when lovergirl then runs after him, she catches up with him and asked why he was leaving. But the reply he gave her, left her even more puzzled. As he told her to "play the game or they will all die".

She didn't take to the advice seriously, until when they return home, and each of them was hunted by the demon embedded in the game, until one of them named "Ron Ron"(if I can still remember his name correctly), was confronted by the spirit, which possessed people around Ron Ron giving them a weird stretchy face(just like that TikTok filter that stretches your face when you smile..very creepy!) and making the player (Ron Ron ) choose between truth or dare. Sadly poor Ron Ron died as he failed to complete the dare he chose, not knowing it was a demon game, and he would die if he refused to play, which he did by the way(After initially, agreeing to play ).

Anyway, after Ron Ron, dies every member of that group of friends, started taking things more seriously. But unfortunately, they all still died. Except for our lovergirl and her BFF (who is also a girl by the way, and both of them get to live because they are the main actor of the film.... And just in case you didn't know, Mainactors don't die in their movies).

Okay, this movie is a great watch, because it's one of the horror movies I watched when I officially became a horror flick person. Now that I'm recalling everything that happened in this movie, I'm now fully convinced that this movie is a total garbage show. As the characters here were all just making crazy, stupid decisions. Nevertheless, it was still one of the scariest shiit! I have ever seen.

In the end, it is a great movie filled with fun, kill counts, and more fun. Give it a chance.


Thanks for reading.👍

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