CineTV Contest: Predator vs humanity - contest #39

  I was going to write a review about the interesting movie "Prey" that is available here in Canada at Disney + ,maybe at the Star+ section I don't know since here both are fusioned in one service. However, cineTV brought this contest about rivalry so I can also mention some other movies that were amazing also with him, the Predator. As I knew, it is not the same alien in all the movies, actually in each of them is a different one, they are from the same alien race that is dedicated to hunting and collecting all universe species through trophies. Those aren't the only movies, there is also the alien vs predator movie series, which is trash for me lol. For me the two first Predators are fantastic, classics. The first one from 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a military in the middle of Central America, the first predator hunter appears in this movie hunting the soldiers, Arnold's colleagues. After a good rivalry and battle of strategies, Arnold kills the beast.

  The predator race is very interesting he has different hunting techniques, including a perfect camouflage with armor that reflects the environment, I think that served as inspiration for some army tech development of the course nowadays. In addition, the use of heat vision to detect living beings. Most of the time that humans discovered this technique they tried to make ways to fight that. The alien also brings some suspense to its movies when it uses strange noises, like cracks. The second movie from 1990 is also innovative and some people mention sometimes it is even better than the first one, with different actors, and a different beast. In this movie, Danny Glover fights the predator, this time as a detective in the middle of Los Angeles. In this movie, we also see a lot about strategic thinking from the two rivals, the human and the alien.

  Now this year we had the release of 'Prey' , for me the best movie after 1990, it brings a nice rivalry back between humans and the predator race. It is interesting also to remember that it is always a hunter vs a hunter. In the first movie a military (hunts other militaries) , the second a detective ( that hunts criminals), and now an original hunter from a Comanche people in North America. It is interesting how in this movie they allocated the alien, and brought the whole culture of the Comanche people. Even using their ways of dressing and original language. And even despite not having high-tech weapons, this female Comanche warrior could beat the predator that even killed lots of white people that were using gun weapons. Again, the movie showed many intelligent strategies that helped humanity win over this beast again.

  I guess the predator race could be the human race of the future, because we know lots of humans around there affectionate in hunting and collecting trophies, right?

  Here is the trailer of the movie and thanks again for the reading, don't forget to check out the link to the contest in here.


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