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In my opinion, to hear the name of the wonderful Sandra Bullock is to hear heavenly sounds. She is a woman who has worked hard to achieve her goals in the film world and I totally admire her.

I have been following his trail for many years and I think I have seen all his films. Regularly, his films have the stamp of humor, freshness, and romanticism. But he has also come up with films that in my opinion are of high quality, with drama and suspense that captivate.

The movie that is my favorite and that I have seen more than three times is [Premonition].

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I am a lover of drama and suspense, and when I heard about this movie starring one of my favorite actresses, I was very attracted to what I saw in the trailer.

At the beginning of the movie she and her co-star Julian McMahon appear, arriving at a house in a Mustang convertible. Already with that scene, I was hooked, I love Mustangs. At that moment it conveyed happiness of marriage, goals accomplished, the car, the newly purchased house, and the couple full of love. It was the perfect beginning for what was to come.

Several scenes I really liked, one of them when the Sheriff knocks on the door of Linda Hanson's residence to give her the news that her husband Jim had been killed in a car accident. Linda's expression of bewilderment was such that even I was taken aback. She had just received a message from Jim on the phone where he sounded in good health. The other thing about that scene was that when the Sheriff leaves the residence, at that moment there are sounds of frightened birds taking flight and immediately there is total silence; good for the director.

The other scenes that captivated me were all the moments when he woke up from his usual sleep. It seemed like he was doing it in parallel universes where there were events taking place in the future. This really caught my attention because I believe in portals that take us into parallel universes.

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Bullock leads us in her performance to a series of inconsistencies that keep us in constant suspense, she does not let us go and the viewer manages to connect with the story. The film ends as no one would have wanted, but what saves it is the excellent performance of Sandra Bullock who shines above the cast.

Premonition is not Bullock's best film, but it is one of my favorites, I invite you to see it.

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This is my entry to the Cine TV Contest #42 - Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie.

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