CineTV Contest : King Kong vs Godzilla My favorite rivalry movie.


Rivalry is something that has been in existence and will continue to be a part of humanity because it is one of the things that drives or motivates us as human to be a better version of ourselves. For example, Ronaldo and Messi rivalry is one of the things that has kept both of them at the top level for a long time.
Rivalry exist everywhere, in our workplace, home, neighborhood, playground and any social interactive space even on the internet. Rivalries often start with people comparing the abilities, achievement of two different people or entity together to know who is better.

The entertainment industry has been able to capture that part that excites the viewers the most, they have been able to create storylines, plots all on rivalry between two characters to get the viewers excited. Everyone loves the movie script of seeing your favorite actor or character beat up the bad guy who is the rival.

When it comes to comparison and Rivalry in movie, the King Kong and Godzilla comparison and Rivalry has to be one of the best. The comparison has been in the air for a long time, before it was finally made into a movie in 2021. The thing about the rivalry is that, the two monsters were both the hero's or main character in the own movies, so bringing both of them to face each other is something new and exciting for the viewers to watch.

The storyline was good, I love how they were able to bring the two characters together and eventually have them facing each other in an intense battle.

Movie away from the storyline, the action and the fighting is also good, even though the destruction and the violence were too much for me, the I will still give it a solid 8.5/10.

Although the ending might not be how most viewers expected or wanted, cos most people wanted to see a winner and know who is the strongest. I actually think and know Godzilla is the strongest because he has the physical strength and structure and he really beat up king kong in the fight.

My best scene in the movie, will probably be when king kong returned back home, rather palace, I love how he was well decorated as a king in that scene.

I didn't want to go into details because of spoilers, but the movie is a good movie, especially a good rivalry movie.

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