CineTV contest : “Bob Hearts Abishola” My Favorite TV Comedy series.


Bob Hearts Abishola is definitely going to be on my all time best TV Comedy series, the jokes were good, and they tried in combining two different culture and families together, the jokes were good without them having to offend another people Culture or believe.

The series is about two people, the man named Bob a white business man in America and a Nigeria single mum Nurse meeting in the hospital and their love journey capturing the differences and struggles they faced along the way.

What I love most about the series will be the idea and the storyline of the series, it wasn't just jokes, the way they were able to narrate the love story and journey of two different people, with different languages, culture, religion and believe throughout the series with the fusion of comedy into it is really good.

Like I said the storyline was the main thing for me throughout the movie, the influence their love journey had on me is very strong, because I am not really a big fan of interracial relationships, but after watching the series, I have a change of mind and my opinion on interracial relationships as shifted.

My best part will be the way they speak the Nigeria language, their accent is very funny, it really made me laugh while watching it.

My best performance will go to the character of Bob's mother, I know she might not be the main character but I love the way she always puts on a show and how easily she adapted to different twist in her character. I love the sarcasm in her words and her facial expressions, so I will give it to her.

Overall I will give the movie a solid 8/10 my biggest criticism will be the casting of the Nigerians, they got some right, but most of the casting were poor, for example the casting of Abishola mother, the movie who lives in Nigeria doesn't even have a Nigeria accent, she didn't even speak a proper Yoruba language throughout the movie. Also some over the Nigeria jokes were a bit off, some of them were no longer in trend.

I must say I really enjoyed participating in this contest, if you also want to participate click this link to the original post

Thank you all, see you next week.


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