Cine TV Contest : "Ragnar Lothbrok" My Favorite Film villain.


When it comes to villains in a movie, My favorite villain will be the one and only Ragnar Lothbrok The greatest vikings ever, the first vikings to sail west and also conquered. The character of Ragnar Lothbrok has to be the most complicated one, the views of viewers will definitely differ about him, because of his ways. To me he is a villain because no matter how anybody can justify the raid of countries and shedding blood everywhere because of the fun they derives from raiding, when the movie first started, the reasons for their raiding was for riches but when it got to season 2 upward it became more of a personal raid. overall he was a villain and the movie did try to portray him like a hero and they obviously succeeded because it was easier for me to overlook the bad things he did, especially when he died the scene really got me teary.

I love the fact that he was fearless and dared the societal norms and carved a live for himself when he was able to follow his gut and disobey the kings order about sailing west.

One thing i hate about him will be the fact that he was a stubborn man, and his anger made him not to accept defeat when his brother betrayed him to support france.

Another amazing villain that i like in the movie vinkings will be lagertha, the wife of Ragnar, she was a fearless and strong woman who fought alongside her husband and also defended her city and people when they were attacked.

The reason i tagged her a villain is because she supported her husband in raiding countries, but aside from that she was a very lovable character, her strength and leadership skill was excellent, when her character was killed by one of ragnar sons, the Eulogy and emotional praise that was sang in her honor when she was about to die made me very emotion and yes i cried, the high pitch of the praise and how unique her character was made it very easy for me to cry.


That is it from my side for this week contest, thank you and see you next week

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