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In 1895, the Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky introduced the concept of the space elevator. He came up with the idea after being inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The principle of operation of a space elevator will include a rope attached to one end of the earth's surface while the other end of the rope will be fixed at the orbital station. It must reach the top of the geographical orbit. This is because of the power of centralism. To operate the space elevator properly, the payload is roped.

As soon as the lifting begins, cargo is expected to accelerate at the expense of the Earth's rotation. This speed will allow a considerable height to send cargo from the planet's surface. Many scientists have discovered that the design of the space elevator Definitely reduce the cost of launching cargo into space. It will be cheaper than the cost of transporting cargo into space using rockets. You may be wondering why space companies have not yet built a space elevator. By the way, the materials needed to make these fictitious designs and space elevators a reality are not yet available. We need materials that are almost three times stronger than steel. Despite the powerful strength of the material, this steel According to experts, long and stretched carbon nanotubes can be used to make space elevators. Basically, a space elevator needs to travel 22,000 miles from the ground to a station. Will be.

A further 40,000 miles would be needed to achieve greater stability. Therefore, any space agency awaiting the construction of a space elevator would need 144,000 miles of nanotubes for this project. Scientists are still researching the application of carbon nanotubes. However, the technology to manufacture them in large quantities and to wave them into cables is still in its infancy. In 2012, Japan announced that it would build a space elevator in the next four decades. 'S technologies could make it much easier for them to make ropes from nanotubes. If humans successfully landed on Mars this decade, we could build space elevators in a short time Materials can be used. The gravity on a planet will be less, the space elevator will be just as easy to operate. So if we build a space elevator on Mars, it can be used for interplanetary travel. Some scientists are advising. That we can build a space elevator from the earth to the moon.

Do you think the idea of ​​a space elevator will become a realistic idea in the future?


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