CineTv Contest #45:Kill Speed

KILL SPEED!!! I must confess this movie almost made me want to be a pilot, like a pilot who flys a high speed plane not a passenger plane cause I want to be doing crazy stunts. The fly guys in this movie really made flying look as easy as pushing a bike.
The way they swung the planes round buildings, hills and rocks was so captivating that whenever such a scene comes on, I unconsciously held my breath for long without even knowing it. Breathtaking!
The three fly guys; Rainman, Strayger and Forman used their portable plastic planes as a means of transporting meth from Mexico to California in the US and used the money in funding a lavish lifestyle.
The guts they had while flying was second to none and they could even outspeed and out wit seasoned jet pilots like in the case where Strayger gave on patroling jet a tough flying lesson, twice with the jet running out of fuel the second time it tried chasing Strayger and ended up parking on a highway.

Strayger unknowiningly took in an undercover DIA agent into their folds against the will of Forman and Rainman which indirectly led to Forman's death and also the arrest of Strayger and Rainman.

In other to get their freedom, they had to fly and rescue a captured DIA agent and once more, the fly guys put up a magnificent flying escapade with Strayger having to steal and fly a private fighter jet belonging to the captor.

As long as a movie with planes are involved, this is my best.


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