CineTv Contest #37: Rustom

*RUSTOM" I personally picked this movie because it has a character in it that I want to find in myself. A character of being honest, enduring, resilient, dedicated, fearless and exceptionally smart. Although in the movie, the character faced a lot of hardcore adversities even ones that threatened his life and freedom, he still did not betray the trust his country had in him when he signed up for the job.
My whole life I had wanted to be in the military, almost all the males in my family have that notion and we frequently watched movies about military expeditions and great adventures. But one thing that makes this particular movie stand out of the rest is that the character showed a well tuned combination of both military and civil techniques by standing in the dock as an accused naval officer and also defending himself as a lawyer, without employing the service of one.
His gallantry and steadfastness rekindled the already burning desire in our hearts about dedicately giving our life and freedom in service to our nation without having fear of any adversary.
Commander Rustom Pavri of the Indian navy foiled an attempt made by his superiors in the Navy and in connection with a young businessman, Vikram Makhija to buy a worn out aircraft carrier for his country at a lesser price than what was released by the government so that they could embezzle the rest. He made it impossible for them to carry out this act of corruption. He knew such a deal will undermine the strength of his country's navy.

Because of this, he was sent out to sea on a six-months patrol as the ship's XO. On returning home, he found out that Vikram was having an affair with his wife, Cynthia Pavri. His further actions were one of fast and accurate planning and timing. Rustom officially took a pistol from the ship's armoury and went to Vikram's house. He shot him thrice and reported himself to the police. Although his corrupt superiors offered to bail him and keep him where he would be more comfortable, since he was a highly decorated officer in the navy but he refused and even refused any counsel standing for him. He defended himself in court and he did it marvelously well. The case spanned out in a way that even the public were solidly behind him.

All images are screenshots from the movie
His evidence and the way he twined the incidence that occured showed him out as a rare military genius! Rustom defended himself in court and was even acquitted of murder like he said and how it was accepted by the jurors, he was only defending himself.
The incorruptible personality of Commander Rustom and his dodgedness as a military officer has so much endeared the job to me


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