CineTv Contest #31: Home Alone

Image is a screenshot from the movie

HOME ALONE! I bet whoever has watched this movie will laugh his/her heart out. Its a popular movie for kids in my area back then and even now I still find it very interesting and exciting to watch as an adult. I first watched this movie back then in 2010 and since then for almost every year, I have been watching it.
Its all about a boy named 'Kelvin' who lived with his parents and siblings as well as other members of his family but he was usually regarded as a troublesome boy and was easily declared at fault whenever a brawl ensued between him and any other kid in the house.
The movie takes place shortly before Christmas and the family were to travel out for Christmas. The night before their departure, Kelvin had a fight with his elder brother and he was sent upstairs to go and sleep. He was furious and said he wished his family will just disappear and leave him all alone.
The next day, the whole family woke up late and were in a hurry to catch their flight and no one noticed anyone else. A kid who lives nearby sat in front of the bus that was conveying them and when Kelvin's mother was counting, she added the kid mistaking him for Kelvin who was still upstairs sleeping.
The family left without him and only discovered he was missing after their plane landed in France.
Meanwhile, when Kelvin woke up back home and discovered his whole family have disappeared, he was excited at having the whole house to himself and there his adventure began.
The real excitement and fun of the movie was when two criminals Harry and Marv, who specialized in breaking into peoples home to steal found out Kelvin was home all alone and decided to rob the house. Unfortunately for them, Kelvin was wiser and he made them pass through different stages of agonizing traps until they ended up in his neighbours house, here they captured him but before they could hurt him, he was rescued by his neighbour.
His family returned early on Christmas day.
The movie keeps one laughing out loud at how Kelvin made a fool out of the two criminals. From false scenes to hurtful traps and tricks, it was just all so hilarious. Kelvin was really in charge of the entire situation.


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